Thursday, June 5, 2008

My life as an artist's muse

Myrna and Asta's Mommi's beautiful paintings (and believe me, I've seen them close up and they are even more spectacular than they appear in photos...kinda like me!) 

Here are some of my favorite works of art. 

The first is Puppy by Jeff Koons. He usually lives in Bilboa, Spain, but in the summer of 2000, he came to live in Rockefeller Center in New York. He was 43 feet high and covered with real flowers. My Mommy's office was right around the corner at the time, so even though I wasn't born yet, I think Puppy planted an idea in Mommy's head about getting an extra large terrier puppy of her own!

A few years ago, we met a very nice young man from England named Laurence Richardson who is a natural history artist. He creates illustrations and paintings for zoos and museums and aquariums. He also is very good at playing ball with me. If you go to his site, you'll see my portrait representing his dog paintings.  He used graphite and tea to create my portrait. Mommy thinks he really captured my expressive eyes.

Mommy recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see some more Jeff Koons sculptures on the roof. (I couldn't go.) Her favorite was this big balloon dog sculpture. This is what I'd look like if I went to paw-lates with Mica! Hee hee.

We went to visit our good friends at Jeffreys and they had a fashion display with characters from the Archie cartoons. I know they were drawn a long time ago, but I can't help but think I bear a certain resemblance to this fellow.

Finally on our tour of my favorite dog art is this collage I inspired. Can you guess the famous (and fabulous) artist??? It's Myrna and Asta's Mommi!!! My Mommy just had a birthday (she's a little over 7 dog years...) and Mommi created this birthday present. I think I look very handsome here, don't you?


Asta said...

I think you could have a wetwospective pwetty soon of all the awt you have inspiwed, and no awe sooo handsome and photogenic and gweat at posing(as long as someone holds a tennis ball in theiw hand in font of youw nosey, heheheheh)
I especially love the Archie cawtoon, andthe big puppy, and best of all the dwawing youw English fwiend did
smoochie kisses

Daisy said...

You are the perfect artist's model! That is some very fabulous artwork.

Lizzy said...


All this dog art is wonderful... But I think the paintings of you are definitely the best and my favorites! That was really nice of Asta's Mom to give your human a painting of you for her birthday...


Unknown said...

I agree, Sparky! My Mommy was speechless when she saw it and I was paw-struck by how beautiful it was! Asta's Mommi is very talented indeed. Maybe someday my collage will be hanging in a museum!

Your pal,


Joe Stains said...

Hey Petey, I came on over from Asta's blog to say hi. I too appreciate great art and Asta's Mommi is fabulous! Nice to meet you!

Eric said...

Petey, Hi! I came over from Asta's blog to woof with you. Great post. I liked all the paintings. Do you get paid in tennis balls for be a muse? I'm partial to a tennis ball or two for dinner or breakfast or as a little snackie.

Come over and put you cute little face in my guest book sometime?

Wags, Eric

Toffee said...

What a neat post! My mom screamed when she saw the large "golden" dog (Mom here - NO I did not scream). Anyway, she told me that when she was in Venice a couple of years back she saw the exact same dog...except it was fuscia in color...very neat artist. I really like the portrait of you done in charcoal and tea very nice...I bet it smells nice too = )
pee-ess: come and visit my blog sometime...

Toffee said...

pee-ess: My mom had a birthday at the beginning of May. Well not just a birthday but a birthday WEEK...I wish I got a whole week...

thanks for signing my guestbook.
truth be told I am only a bandwagon Red Sox fan as I have only lived in Boston for a few years. My mom is from Toronto

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You sure look very handsome Petey. You're a pawfect artist muse.

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, looove all those artwork! I like that BIG doggy made out of flowers. And that painting of you Petey, that's really LOVERLY!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Stanley said...

I get it. I GET it, man.

You're an inspiration... blah blah blah! It's obvious you are roundly admired all over the world, but especially there in NYC. You must have a natrual charisma that just draws the world to you.

So, tell me. Do you earn enough to buy your own treats or what?

Goob love,