Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I was here first. Well, second.

Hi everyone! 

I'm Mica, the cat who graciously decided to let that scruffy dog share my lovely home. I am 18 years old in human years, but I don't look a day over 5! I have kept up with my purrlates and have a trim and agile figure. Can't make it to the top of the armoire in a single bound like the old days, but I can still jump on the bed (and guess who can't without help from Mommy???) Mostly, I like to sit by Mommy on the couch when she's working on her computer and help her with some of the spelling. Here's a photo of me with old whatshisname crowding me, as usual. Mommy's a writer but we're the ones who come up with the really good ideas!

I'm happy to see there are so many pussycats on this blog! Although I have to admit, my dog does come in handy. We've discovered where Mommy keeps the treats and if she leaves the cupboard unlocked, I can knock them out and then Petey opens them for us. I just have to move fast to get my share before he gobbles them all up!

I'd start a blog of my own but it would really cut into my nap time. So look for entries from me from time to time (hmmmm - entrees! Time for dinner!)




Molly the Airedale said...

Hi Mica,
Wow - you're 18? You look really good for your age!
Is Petey going to be mad because you're butting in on his blog?!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

Hi Mica
I think you'we weally kool..I'v had so many catses fwiendz on the blog and now that I've met you in pawson, I know how kool all of you weally awe
I plan to come to youw house lots and we'll talk..you wewe a weally gwacious host..sowwy I insinooated that you wewe a giwl..stoopid Mommi

Petey..I went eawly, and missed you..sheesh!! Mommi can't go to a Yohji Yamamoto do..she doesn't have the wight clotheses to make an appeawance...boooohooooo..maybe I coy;d come instead..I look good nekkid, hehehe

smoochie kisses

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Mica, I see you in the photo. You are so cute and you look more like 18 months then years.

~ Girl girl

George the Pup said...

Hi Mica - it's nice to meet you! You can't be 18, you don't look a day over 5! I have 3 kitty siblings too!

The Cat Realm said...

Hello Mica and Petey, Asta told us about you and it is very nice meeting you!
Emil and Mrs. OZ

Lizzy said...


Man, you're OLD. And I thought White Cat (aka Fatso) was an old cat! Wow...

I just hope you and White Cat don't get it into your heads to take over the whole dog blogging world together. I'm already having enough trouble keeping that Fatso away form my blog!


i said...

Hello Petey and Mica! It's so nice to meet you!

Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

Asta said...

Hey Petey...I love youw evil twin Piewwe, hehehe.gweat glint in his eyes and that ongue, heheh...gotta get a chat box next...
sowwy I missed you at the wun today..say hi to beaw fow me
smoochie kisses

Moco said...

Hi Mica,

We have two cats at our house. Clara was here before anyone else also. She has been very good about the rest of us coming to live here. You will get used to Petey.

Daisy said...

Hi Mica! I am glad to meet you, too. You look very young for 18! I am only Four. Years.

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

Hi, Mica! We live with a woofie too. We give him head butts and kisses and it bugs him because he is 11 and no kitty ever did that to him before. Heh heh. He has elevated food dishes and we get under there and play with his feets while he tries to eat. He's good for napping with too.

We are only 2. 18 is very impressive.

Stanley said...

Hey, Mica.

I'm Stanley, and I'm a cat-loving Airedale. I understand that you are now friends with my girlfriend, Asta. She thinks you're the bees knees and loves your kitty fur and all of the sweet warm kitty candy you leave in that box for her & Petey.

My catbro, Merv, could probably swap stories with you about living with a terrier brother. Now, Merv has a 2nd terrier to deal with (my sissy, Stella). Maybe as an eldercat you could help him out.

Goob love,