Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh boy oh boy! This is gonna be fun!

Thanks for all your welcoming messages everyone! It's great to meet all of you and sniff your virtual fannies!  It's finally starting to feel like summer around here so I've been saving my strength and resting in front of the fans. Gotta have plenty of energy for my evening visit (and swim!) at the dog run. Sure hope Asta will be wearing her new bikini...

First off, Mica my catbro was a bit perturbed that I got my own blog. You can see him giving me the stink eye in this photo. But that may also be because I tend to take his favorite place on the bed! He's a very good pussycat and hardly ever says "ssssss!" at me and he even lets me give him a sniff now and then. He keeps delicious kitty Tootsie Rolls in something that Mommy calls a litter box. She doesn't like me to eat them, though, and says they give me particularly smelly breath! Asta tried them when she was over and she thought they were delicious, too. And yet her Mommi didn't see them for the delightful delicacy that we did. Interesting...

So here's a bit more about me. I'm a Cairn terrier or as many people like to say, a Toto dog. (Me, I've never seen that movie and think I'm more the rugged Rin Tin Tin type...) I was born in Kansas (just like Toto!) and got shipped off to NYC as a puppy. I was in a pet store. Yes, I know. I was 4 1/2 months when my Mommy paid my bail (she'll tell you in whispers that I was on S-A-L-E and she fondly refers to me as her Sample Sale dog). I already weighed 8 pounds at the time and was too big to be in the front window with the little tiny puppies, so I was just hanging out in the back, waiting for her to come find me. 

I was a perfect pup from Day 1. No really. 

I only ate a little bit of one of her shoes. They were pink alligator pumps and let me tell you, I know some of the kitties are into lizards, but the really big pink ones just aren't that tasty. (Not like cat poo...) I walked very nicely on my leash and didn't make puddles in the apartment. I did stop frequently to make sure the humans were admiring me sufficiently, which lead to Mommy reminding me that I was a Cairn Terrier, not a Carrying Terrier. 

On one of our walks we met a neighbor who designs wonderful collars and leashes. Suddenly, I was a New York fashion model! I was in several catalogs and on a website and had boxfuls of modeling swag. Check out her fun stuff at www.elladish.com. You can also see my pal Phoebe the yellow lab there. We share a dog nanny when Mommy's not home to take me for a walk. Here's a photo of me at my modeling zenith. 

Then I met another neighbor who had a company that made coats for dogs! And I got another modeling gig. Plus, lots of winter coats (Mommy was happy about this. Me? Not so much.) So here's a shot of me in my winter coat. This photo was on a postcard. (I'll pretty much hold still indefinitely if there's a ball or a treat in my future.)

Eventually, I did two runway shows for humans at Jeffreys, a very fancy but very dog-welcoming store in the Meatpacking District. (I don't need to tell you how good it smells in THAT neighborhood! Yummy!) I wore my faux shearling and was "Fur for Fall." Hee!

Now I've pretty much retired from modeling but that doesn't stop me from finding every craft services table in the Village whenever they're shooting a movie or a television show down here. Mommy says it's like living in the Truman Show, whatever that means. All I know is that the nice actors and crew will give me a pat and a bit of bagel when I give them my "Blue Steel" look! 

Did you know I had a part in the new Sex & The City movie? Well, I helped decorate the set! The apartment where Carrie lives is actually shot on Perry Street, a few blocks away. In November, we walked by on a balmy evening and the whole street was covered in delicious SNOW! And Christmas lights! It was very pretty, but I noticed that no dogs had written their names in the snow yet, so I did the honors against a chained up bicycle. Now it looked authentic! So when Carrie goes running out of her apartment in the snow scene, look for the Petey touch...

Okay, Mommy just said her paws are getting tired and she has to get back to work...gotta keep us in Snausages and tennis balls! 

Thanks again for all your welcoming messages! See you real soon! And I'm going to get my virtual leash on (the nice new one with green whales on a blue background) and go visit your blogs, too!

Your pal,



Kyanite said...

Hi Petey!

As usual I'm late commenting!
I'm a human blogging friend of Asta's from the UK, who loves dogs & has heaps of DWB friends. I hope you'll become one of them.

Pats & pets

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Sheesh, yoo haf one wild life Petey. We prolly won't get to see yoor dekorating on da movie set cuz we don't go to movies. We don't go outside either, well, Zippy does but she only goes in da yard on a leash. Yoo haf a furry aciting life.

Daisy said...

Petey, thanks for telling us more stuff about you. I likes to model fashions, too! Maybe Mica would like to blog sometimes.

Lacy said...

w00f's petey, sooo u da one dat ms asta said wont let her play wiff ur ball...heehee...me iz asta's friend..me iz rocky...watch dat girlie, she likes to give smoochie kisses...

b safe,

Lizzy said...


Wow, you're famous! You're a model, you were in a movie, ... Man, I'm proud to know you, pal!

You mean the chocolates in the kitty box are tootsie rolls? I thought they were chocolates! I like eating them 'cause I'm normally not allowed to eat chocolate, so I sneak the chocolate from the kitty box instead. Mmmmm.


Toffee said...


It is such a pleasure to meet you! Oh happy belated barkday to your mom, too!

I just read about you decorating the sex & the city set which reminded my mom that she has to get ready because she is going to that movie TONIGHT!!

Take care,

Molly the Airedale said...

Wow! You've had one cool life already, Petey! Tell us more! We're going to sniff around your elladish link!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Stanley said...


I had NO IDEA you were such a fashionista. I'm definitely needing to see your "Blue Steel" look. Do you have an itty bitty cell phone too?

Can't wait to check out your buddy's website. And, for the record, all cool dogs have a cat sidekick.

Goob love,