Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm off to my first DWB Birthday party!!!

I'm so excited. I've never flown Air Ruby before (it's GOT to be better than Delta, USAir or Continental!) and my seat mate Asta laughed when I asked her if I should pick up a magazine for the flight. (I was thinking of pUpS Weekly to see what the latest is with A-Dog and Madogga.)

So guess who's special day it is today? Here's a big hint:

She's so special that her name has a registration mark AND a brand. I like that. Petey® brand. Built Terrior Tough. I could have my own line of Petey® brand tennis balls...

But I'm getting off subject. Back to the lady of the day, Miss Snickers. Asta picked up these wonderful board shorts for me to wear while swimming at the pond. I'm not sure which hole is for my tail though...
I think they'll look splendid with my new shirt that I had made especially for the occassion.

I figured I could complete the look with this stylish belt. (Until I remembered that board shorts don't have belt loops.)

I dashed over to Sniffany's to pick up a little bling for Miss Snickers. Thought this would look nice against her white fur coat.
Even dropped a few more biscuits to get the special monogrammed buckle and clasps. After all, a girl only turns six once, right?
I didn't want Butchy to feel out of sorts, so I chose this collar for him. I think it says it all.
So now let the party begin!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Happy Birthday Dear Snickers!!!


Linda said...

Hey Petey,
Wow, you really know how to spoil a girl right!! I especially luv the pre-chewed tennis ball you brought me. It's very special! And to think they have clothes with my NAME on them, hehehehe! Maybe I'm famous, ya think?? Hope you are enjoying the pawty. Before long the hot dogs & salmon will be done on the fire pit, then we can make smores! Joey & Tanner even brought smores kits!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Snickers & Butchy

Eric said...

I've seen Miss Snickers brand over the big pee here too.So smart of Miss S. Petey brand would be pawfect for you and specially your own brand tennis balls, maybe make 'em extra large and in orange??

Now you've been serious shopping I too I see. The gifts from Sniffanys.. wow what bling!! . .what rocks!!! Your Mommy must have been giving you shopping tips, mine does that too..

Lets party!! But Petey,don't tell I feel a a bit of a dope cos I don't know what smores and smores kits are..I'll sneak off to tanners to see if he has a picture maybe!

Wags, Eric x

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Petey,
You sure know how to pick your pressies!! I bet Snickers will love them!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Petey!
You chose great presents for Snickers! She will love them!
Kisses and hugs

Deefor said...

Hi Petey
I bet you had a great time and Snickers loved your presents. Hope your mom's feeling better.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's so pawsome... It'll be a fun pawty

~ Girl girl

i said...

That's a really nice branding for Snickers! LS said she felt like having a candy bar after this. Have fun now!

Molly the Airedale said...

Isn't AireRuby a blast?! You're a great shopper, Petey!
See you at the pawty!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Toffee said...

I hope you had a pawsome time at the pawty! I wish that I could have gone because I love birthday cake! But wait! I have wedding cake! Hmmm...not nearly the same as a special Snickers b-day cake...say hi to your mom!

AB clan said...

Hi Petey

I'm sure Snikers love the presents (and you) and you enjoyed the party!
ViVi & AB

Toffee said...

I am afraid that my mom may be "mobile blogging" when she is on her honeymoon - some people just do not have respect for a dog's blog! She says that it is easy - she takes a picture then emails it to a special email on blogger - she found out how to do this on the page that appears when you sign in to your blog. You need to go to the part that explains how to do this with the iPhone because it is set up differently than other phones.

re: Riley - sigh! He has always been my brother (well not from birth though). Mom has taken care of us since 2000 when we were adopted. My dad (minus the 2B) had a dog named Maile (pronounced My-lee) that he adopted when he lived in Hawaii. She crossed the bridge a year ago last christmas. Mom and dad will spread some ashes when they are in Hawaii next week.

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Petey -

What neat presents you picked out for Snickers. We enjoyed ourselves at the pawty too.

We hope everyone liked the home made ice cream that we brought.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Pawsome gifts, Petey! Fancy having a chocolate bar named after you! How swell is that? Snickers bars over here used to be Marathon bars but then they changed their name to Snickers, which is much better! J x