Friday, February 27, 2009

More birthday...and Bermuda here we come!

Needless to stay, I'm all a-waggling about my trip to Bermuda with my Rosie Posey this weekend.
More about that later. First, I wanted to share some of my birthday celebration with you. My bestest buddy Eric sent this stylish card, featuring his royal self and Otis, the crown cat.

He also sent along this absolutely wonderful vegetable Hedgehog chewy. 

Notice the different carpet? I had to take it into the other room so Mica wouldn't swipe it. It was delicious! 
Just look at all this lovely loot he sent for me and Mica and Mommy. (Why did she get anything? Not her birthday month!)

I also got a package from Toffee and Riley. Check out Toffee's bloggie for the behind-the-scenes story. 

Hmm, is that Chewnel No. 5 that I smell?

Toffee? Are you hiding in this bag? Come out, please!

Sadly, no Toffee. Yet the scent of Chewnel lingers on ...

Mica gave me an awesome marrow bonesicle. It kept me busy for hours. 

And Mommy gave me a gourmet dinner instead of the usual kibble. Then I passed out from a food coma. 

Finally, I got this wonderful card from Scruffy, Baby Stan and Lacie! (Though I think I might wait for the bomb dogs to sniff out this cake before I dig in. I'm just saying, Lacie...) Thank you very much - those tennis ball cupcakes look terrific!

Asta dropped by last night to give me some dating tips.

Then I got down to packing my bag for my romantic weekend in Bermuda with my Rosie.

 Asta helped me pick out these Jimmy Chews for Rosie. I hope she likes them. I brought along some extra tennis balls, my scuba fins, some sunscreen, shades...and my favorite rubber frog! We both packed frogs! (We have so much in common!)

My girl Rosie is so beautiful, I need to wear shades in her presence!

Okay - I'm all packed and ready to go! Just waiting for AireRuby to arrive. (Those are stars in my eyes!)

Rosie Posey, want to share my towel? I left room for you!


karensbrae said...

Hi Petey, we stopped by your blog today!! Just to say hi!!
from some of your terrier chums

Gus said...

Hi Petey...happy extended barkday. We hope you have a wooooonnnnnderful time in Bermuda.

gussie n teka

Noah the Airedale said...

Petey, we hope you and Rosie have the best time in Bermuda. Now it gets very hot there so make sure you use lots of sunscreen....slip slop slap and all that!!! Very important!

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Martha said...

Hi Petey
What a great birthday you had! We are loving the hedgehog chewie - how cool was that! You got lots of nice pressies!
We love the sound of Rumples and wish we had known him.
Now about Bermuda - we offered Aunt Bailey, being an older basset of some five years, to escort Rosie Posie to Bermuda. You are without a doubt a very handsome dog however you are six and as such a mature older dog!
You mentioned Bassets, Beach and Bikinis in our blog. Well you are right Aunt Bailey is currently looking her bikini out to accompany Rosie to Bermuda. Now being a maiden aunt she does not wish to spoil your fun but wants to ensure that her little innocent neice Rosie is not led astray!
Thankfully your Bermuda beach towel looks plenty big enough for the three of you - Bailey of course will be in the middle! Bailey will bring extra sunscreen for her baldy tummy.
love & kisses
Martha & Bailey xx

Asta said...

This has to be one of youw mowe stellaw Biwfdays..those faboolous gifts fwom youw Bestest Fweind Eric, and Toffee, and falling in love wif a bootiful silkeawed Giwlie and taking hew to bewmooda..WOW
I hope that Aunt Bailey gives you alittle pwivate time on that beach towel..I can't wait fow the pictoowes(pee ess those Jimmy Chews awe pawfect!

The Black and Tans. said...

Happy Barkday Petey. We hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Molly and Taffy

Eric said...

Hey Petey,have a fabbie time in Bermuda even with Aunt Bailey playing gooseberry. Dog that's better than my date with Toffee where Mom tagged along to take all the photos and the security men were tagging after her heheee!!

Nice shades dude, is everything loking Rosie???HAAAAA!!!

Rosie is bound to be love those shoes. Maybe buy Aunt Bailey a Hand Bag (something like the Queen carries, she'll be well impressed..wink*wink* get her on your side eh?)

Hope you can fit into those Bermuda shorts Petey after all the treats and yummalicious bones and le dejuener francais. Did Mom cook it up in the Le Creuset for you?? You lucky boy...

Have a fabbie time Petey. Maybe go on a double date sometime with our beagle girlies?

Wiry wags, Eric xx

Unknown said...

Have a good time in Bermuda, that is not too far from where i live! I am glad you have Auntie Basset to chaperon you and Rosie, someone has to protect that sweet little girl from your charms!
-Kra the beaWootiful

Joe Stains said...

Mom is totally distracted by that great green le creuset! anyway, I think you picked out some great presents. Rosie is one lucky gal, have fun in Bermuda!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hey Petey's Mom :o) Sorry we're so late visiting today (mother has been stuck in a pile of ribbon & glue!)
We hope that Rosie and Petey got away ok, Rosie was so excited when she left...she couldn't wait to see Petey....and get her delicate paws into those gorgeous Jimmy Chews! She was also sooooo embarrassed that Wise-ish Aunt Bailey insisted on acting as an escort....what's this, like the nineteenth century or something?? Mind-you....Rosie IS a Beagle bitch after all and they tend to be little trollops...I hope she acts like a lady :D
So, are Butchy and Lacie meeting up with them...or did they decide on St Barts after all? Rosie can't wait to do the double-dating thing and hang with the whole Terrier crew....and of course the lovely Toffee....and Butch! Now Gabbi wants a BF, so if you know of any eligible bachelors.....
Anyway, we're missing the little pain in the butt already and hope your Petey is taking good care of her :o)
Slobbers....Alfie, Snoop & the Gabster xx

oh...our word verification: oveless....weird?

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

and I saw a khuz!

What pawesome stuff!

I sooooo hope the khard from HER didn't have a rekhorded shriek with it!?!

Have fun in Bermuda - please PLEASE remember to khover each other with sunskhreen!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Petey!
Sure you had a nice celebration with a big bone and yummy food!
Your presents are pawesome!
I am sure you are going to have a great time in Bermuda with Rosie!
Let us know how was it, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Stella said...

Hey, Petey!

That Rosie is one lucky pup! I'm pawsitive you'll have a blast together in Bermuda. Don't worry. She wouldn't have said yes to you if she didn't DIG YOU!

My girl wants to make sure that we wish you an extra special burpday! She has a little surprise for you, once you get back from Bermuda Mahn!

Goobery love & kissies,

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Wow. I am jelly. I think Asta's tips for dating will serve you well. Oh.. could you play with the tennis play cupcakes first before eating? What a great day!