Saturday, February 28, 2009

Over the moon in Bermuda

Welcome to beautiful Bermuda! I met Rosie at the airport with some tropical flowers that she tucked behind her ear. She couldn't have been lovelier. 

Accompanying Rosie was her Scottish Auntie Bailey, who had taken it upon herself to act as Rosie's chaperone.  I welcomed her to the Island with a local tradition—a potent Dark 'N Stormy (ginger beer and a liberal dose of Bermuda Black Rum!)
Soon everyone was relaxed and we headed to our gorgeous accommodations, right over the clear blue water! The walls of these cottages are made out of a weatherproof sailcloth so inside, it's almost like being in a tent. Auntie Bailey didn't leave us out of her sight for a moment.

Inside our cottage, there was a glass panel in the floor where you could watch tropical fish swim by. Imagine our surprise when we saw Auntie Bailey dog-paddling past and waving up at us!

Finally, her fourth Dark & Stormy kicked in while we were at the beach and Rosie and I were able to enjoy a good romp in the squeaky pale pink sand.

We left Auntie Bailey snoring gently under a palm tree and tried our paws at scuba diving. It was amazing...and not a catfish in sight!

After drying off, we decided to do some sight-seeing, as Bermuda is filled with interesting, historic spots. We were wandering through the quaint streets of St. George and who should we run into but Butchy! Apparently, Lacie was in a store, picking out some Bermuda shorts for Scruffy and Baby Stan. 

Butchy and I stopped to pose for a photo together at Duke of Cumberland Lane...

...Then Lacie decided she wanted her photograph taken as well. Who knew this little street had two different names?

We left Lacie and Butchy having a grand time in St. Georges. I do hope one of them had the key.

Rosie and I hopped on our scooters and headed towards the old Bermuda Railway trail. Don't worry about Auntie Bailey, she was all recovered from her long nap and quite safe on her scooter. She just kept yelping at Rosie and I to "slow down!"

Auntie Bailey was nervous on the scooters - she was used to driving on the left side of the road, but I certainly wasn't - and she claimed I was giving her "palpitations." So I suggested we take a romantic carriage ride to the famous Bermuda Perfumery. I filled the carriage with flowers, but what could compare to my stunning Rosie?

As evening was approaching and Auntie Bailey was getting more and more animated, suggesting an early supper and a rousing game of Canasta before tucking in for the night. Instead, I had the carriage take us to the famous Swizzle Inn, the oldest pub on Bermuda...

...and the home of the delicious... and VERY potent...Bermuda Rum Swizzle! Rosie and I slowly sipped our drinks, staring wistfully into each others' big brown eyes.

But it wasn't the sound of the waves roaring behind was Auntie Bailey, out like a light after her 6th Rum Swizzle. She didn't even get to finish the last two she'd ordered. 

We tucked her into her bed, turned out the lights, and LOCKED THE DOOR. Then Rosie and I headed out for our wildly romantic evening in Bermuda...



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

My mom is drooling over that Dark 'N Stormy!

It sooooo looks like woo are having fun as I paw this!



Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wink Wink, Khyra? Wink Wink?? How roood! You guys look like you're having so much fun over there....we're jealous! BUT Petey, we hope you're not getting our girl all sauced-up on those Dark & Stormy thingys so you can have your wicked way with her! Thumbs up for sorting Aunt Gooseberry out with some rum though, hehe!
Lovely holiday snaps :D Ahhh, you're the perfect couple.....what's that Gabbi? You hope she falls off her scooter? Or gets rolled on by Aunt B? Envy is an ugly thing!
Slobbers....until the next instalment....can't wait xx

Stella said...


I can hardly wait for the next post! Hurry hurry!!! I feel like I'm watching a movie and I MUST know how it ends (though I have a feeling I already know, since you two are in LURVE!)

Goobery love,
Stella Bean

Martha said...

We are so pleased that Aunt Bailey made the flight as it was all a bit of a rush!
We know she will take her duties very seriously. These old scottish aunties take some beating and plying her with Bermuda Rum Swizzles will not keep her from her duties. remember she is Scottish - home of the malt whiskies!!
We can't wait for the next installment either!!!!
Martha xx

Dexter said...

You are so brave to go swimming under the water. I like seeing Lacie contained if only for a little bit.

Momma is captivated by your continued adventures and cannot wait for the next installment.


AB clan said...

Wonderfull hollidays, and Petey you are the best tales tailer ever...
ViVi & AB

Gus said...

Petey: That pink sand is loverly. Why not try to find a doggie pal for Auntie? I understand there are lots of retired doggies in Bermudas.


tula monstah said...

Petey, you can't stop there! i didn't know about all the romance in DWBs. must open a window... whew.

thanks for sniffing my blog! i will definitely be back to see how this thing turns out.


Linda said...

Hey Petey,
Snickers here. Boy, can you believe Butchy & Lacie in the stocks??? hehehehehehe! Sounds like you & Rosie are having a grand time. Wish I was there too. This cold Iowa weather isn't even for the birds. Have a fun weekend!
Luv & Wirey Hugs,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Petey...get Butchy outta those socks er stocks (um...does this have anything to do with the country's financial situation??) right NOW!!! That's just cruel...and leave Lac in 'em...that's just sensible...Maybe Butchy could take Auntie Gooseberry off ur hands...just go back and swizzle Lacie every couple of hours...don't wanna de hyr grate the Lakeland...

Mumsie was lookin' with rapt attention at those swizzles...she and Daddy went to 'muda on there honeymoon and racked up quite a bar tab while there...that's before she switched to Coke Zero, though you've got her ready to go back now!!!

Can't wait to see what happens...

Paw slaps for incarceratin' Lacie...


Maybe we'll take her to Williamsburg next??!!!

Joe Stains said...

I wonder if Butchy was ever freed from those shackles, or if Lacie just left him there. Looks like you are having a good time at least. Auntie is going to have one heck of a hangover I fear. Have fun you guys!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Petey!
What a time are you two (3?) having there in Bermuda!
I want to know more about it!
Kisses and hugs

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Hello Petey!
I has just come to check out your romantic holiday with Rosie. I wonder what on earth you could have locked Aunt Bailey away for.
~lickies, Ludo

Unknown said...

Wooo!are you having fun! I hope you behave toward Rosie and are a perfect little gentleman! Hmmm I like what Gus said, find a nice older gentleman for Auntie, things just may go smoother...
Have fun!-Kira the BeaWootiful

Eric said...

Petey what a cute pair you make. Wagging GLAd you managed to indispose Auntie Goosgogg cos seems like Bermuda is made for snorkelling,sightseeing, scooters and swizzlers.

Certainly don't need a Bermuda Triangle with Aunty tagging along. Or Lacie either. Haa!!! Nice one Petey. She might be the laughing stock of Bermuda but aw let poor old Butchy out. He deserves a medal for bravery. Maybe he can escort Auntie G? He's awfully charming.

Can wait to see what else happens!!The photographer certainly took some memorable and doglightful photos for you. Remember, only chaste kissies on your first date Petey!!! Mom made me put that cos thats what she told me on mine.

Wiry wags of happiness for you pal.

Eric xxx

Abby said...

Hi, Petey...

Oh My...Sounds heavenly...

Can't wait to hear more...

Abby xxxooo

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Petey,

well you three sound like you are having a blast! Can't wait for the next instalment!

Ben xxx

Agatha and Archie said...

You two make a lovely couple!! But ah buddy...we are somewhat stuck on 2 things..the first being the Old Maid Lane and the second the stocks..hoo boy are you in fo rit.......Love A+A can't wait for the next instalment

Asta said...

What a joyous suwe did a good job of insoowing youw pwivacy wif youw lovepup..that vespa wide looked heavenly.......but I think auntie will be non too pleased, and you know Lacie WILL get weleased fwom thewew...just sayin'
keep having fun
smoochie kisses

Tee said...

My Chief says this is the funniest and most entertaining dog-blog she's read so far. Dog Woods Pack and the Chief can't wait for the next post!


Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog WOods

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