Monday, March 2, 2009

A new day...a SNOW day!

Another birthday package arrived from Sir Eric Square Dog's Royal Mail. I love Eric's presents! He always knows exactly what I like (because he likes it too.)

This time, I wasn't so sure. What is this thing?

Is it some sort of strange blue gourd that grows in England? There's a hole in it supposed to be birdhouse (but they forgot the perch)? Eric said that it's very favorite toy. It wobbles when I try to pick it up, so it's not a ball. 

Eric also mentioned that he eats his breakfast out of it every day! Those Brits! Rosie ate her breakfast out of a nice bowl, same as me, so maybe it's an English thing. Like Spotted Dick. Or Blood Pudding (I don't remember Bill Cosby EVER hawking Blood Pudding for Jell-o!) Marmite. Toad in the Hole. Bubble and Squeak (sounds like a pair of strippers! And not the kind of strippers that give us wiry dogs our stylish hairdos). Cornish Pasties (what Bubble and Squeak wear on the job in Cornwall!)  

Anyhow. Mommy put some treats in the hole. NOW I get it! It bobbles and wobbles and every now and then...a treat pops out. It makes a lovely noise rumbling on the hardwood floors. And I'm exhausted by the time I've gotten all the treats out. I hope my Rosie Posey will notice my biceps the next time we get together.

Mica just laughed at me, grabbed a can of Fancy Feast Beef and Liver and the can opener and headed into the other room with a nicely chilled glass of Sancerre. (Now that he's 18, he figures he can have a drink with dinner.)

Now that I'd carb-loaded, it was time to go see my pal Asta to tell her all about my romantic weekend with Rosie...and to have a great romp in the SNOW! We've been waiting all winter for this stuff. Sure, we've had a flurry or two, but then it would always sleet or rain on top of it before we could get out and have a grand time in it. 

Asta was waiting for me at the playground in her snowsuit. I was bringing the ball (natch!) and I was running late (thanks, Mom...) and she was a bit impatient with me. 

Immediately we settled in. Asta has some wonderful photos of our fun. If they're not on her bloggie yet, keep checking in. 

The snow was so floofy, the ball would sometimes disappear entirely in it! 

I'd been over to play in it that morning and found a ball in the snow! Outta the blue!

Look at that Asta - now there's a Square Dog for ya!  She looks like she's right off the shelf from F.A.O. Schwartz. So cute!

Ahhh, this new Snow Face Pack from our Tommy Holedigger Spa Dog range is so refreshing on my Bermudian sunburnt nose.  Now throw the ball already Mommy, my feet are freezing!

Ahhh, nothing like a nice snow-soaked tennis ball. Sorry Asta, but I just can share it quite yet.
This is what my park looks like today. They locked the gates so the snow is still clean and pristine.

And this is what my park will look like in about three months time!

Playing in the snow is a lot harder than playing in the warm Bermuda sand....

I wonder what my Rosie Posey is doing... I miss her.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Mom says woo khan't furget the shandy things too!

She also likes the sounds of the sancerre a lot!

It looks like woo and Asta had lots of fun!

I know what woo mean about being tired...I'm a snow dog and I'm khrashed in the chair! Good think I khan dikhtate to my sekhretary!


Lorenza said...

You had a snowy funny day!
Too cold for me but I am glad you enjoyed it!
Kisses and hugs

Koobuss said...

Playing in the snow can really wear you out, but it is so much fun! I'm glad that you guys finally got some that you can enjoy.

I love the photos of your park. Both the winter and summer photos are great.

Asta looks very beautiful in her red snow suit. Those colors are perfect for her. Don't tell anybody I said this, but I think that you two make a cute couple.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Asta said...

Thank you fow the sample of youw snow pack..I took it home and used at tonight when ouw womp was just a distant memowy
suwe was fun
smoochie kisses
(I bet youw Rosie Posey is dweaming of you too)

BenTheRotti said...

Oh you two look like you had a blast!

That white stuff is great fun isn't it?

We have never heard of Blood Pudding. Mum says there is something called black pudding that is a disgusting combination of stuff including blood, she was gagging as she told me about it so it doesn't sound good! Have you tried Yorkshire puddings? They are native to my part of the UK and are soooo good! Not if Mum cooks them though.. then they end up looking like pancakes and you need a chisel and hammer to break them up.. but if Dad makes them they are really good!

Ben xxxx

Martha said...

Hi Petey
I am sorry you are missing Rosie. It did look as though you had a good day though with a nice present and also meeting up with Asta. You two had the best of fun in the snow. You are so lucky you live near enought to meet up.
I liked the look on Mica's face - cats are just so superior!
Aunt Bailey xxx

Molly the Airedale said...

Your treat cone looks like fun, Petey! That was sure nice of Eric!
We love the pictures of you and Asta in the snow! We got some too and we are very happy about it!
Mom said to tell you that the flowers are just lovely and that she can't wait for them to bloom this year!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

That sure is a neat pressie Eric sent you Petey.
The snow pics are great too.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

The Black and Tans. said...


Your day out looked fun. We are so pleased you eventually got enough of the white stuff to have a good play in.

Molly and Taffy

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hehe, your snowy snooter is just adorable Petey! Glad you and Asta had fun in the sign of ours yet, but....BRRRR, it's cold!
That square dog must love you alot....he spoils you rotten! Cool toy :o)
Slobbers xx

Unknown said...

Woo, you look as though you had fun in the snow despite your missing the sun, sand and Rosie. Ahhh, there are times I love living here in Florida!

Gus said...

What a treat! Looks like you and Asta had some fun. Hope you get at least one more day of snow play fun.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi Petey! We visited Asta and saw your pictures! It looks like you both had so much fun!! Snow doggies!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm! My Jeannie got distracted from your interesting post by the mention of a glass of Sancerre.....

Asta is a lovely square dog, and you are such a handsome chap, no wonder you get all the girls with your style and your grace!

Blood pudding sounds horrible, I guess it may be what we Scots call Black Pudding. My J lurves Marmite, on toast with peanut butter, and a large glass of sancerre.........stop it Jeannie!

Toad in the Hole, well not sure about the idea of this, first of all I would feel sorry for the Toad.

I liked your snow pictures very much and your new toy looks interestng if exhausting!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxx

Toffee said...

Would the snow pack help cool out Riley's (my brother) hot temper? If so I would like a case please!

I spoke to Asta's mommi right after she got back from playing with you - she said you all had a "ball" - no pun intended! if you just had a thermos of "special" hot chocolate...

(loved the comment about Bubble & Squeak and the pasties!!!)

Abby said...

Hi, Petey...

I'm glad you got your snow...Looks like you & Asta had a great time...

Enjoy your nap...

Abby xxxooo

Lucia said...

Ciao Petey!

That looked like the megliore giorno, mio amico! There are few things as wonderful as a snowy snooty, don't you think? (Mia ragazza says, yes there are, and one of them is a glass of sancerre.)

Tanti baci!

Deetz said...

Hi Petey, I am Deetz, very nice to meeta you
I bet that was a glorious day playing with Asta in all that snow..she is so cute in her coat and you look so great with all that snow packed in your furs..they saw snow is good for your furs.

Dexter said...

Asta looks so pretty in her snow suit! We had a snow day here, too. Momma stayed home from work, but instead of playing with us she took a nap!


Stanley said...

Petey Boy!

I've heard Asta talk about snow all winter and I'm STINKIN' glad you guys finally got some of the good stuff! I checked out every single one of the photos Asta's mommi took of you guys in the park. Looks like you had a BALL and a BLAST!

I'm so glad Asta has a smoochin' buddy like you to play with and run around with! She loves being your friend, man.

That toy from Eric looks like a lot of work, but it sounds like it's worth it! VERY cool. He's a pup who knows what his friends like.

Goober love,

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Oh, I likes your toy. I like things that give me food. I is in England and I get my breakfast in a bowl, unless mum is going out then I get half of it in my kong when she leaves.

You got loads of great snow! Not fair!
~lickies, Ludo

Eric said...

Petey. First up you need to get a bit more aggressive with the wibbly wobby. A good head butt sends them spinning out... I'll show you. Haa haa...cornish pastie/bubble squeak joke = v funny!! And I love marmite, have it on my pills. Currently the Ltd Edt one with champagne in(seriously). They should do a Sancerre one next time for Mica.

Boy you got dumped on with the snow! Mom went all unnecessary over that photo of you with snow on your moosh.Looks like you had a blast pals. And trust you to find a ball. Hope you put it back where you found it or was it finders keepers???

Wiry wags, Eric xx

Got a loverly wiff of Chewnel after Toffee was over....

Tama-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie said...

Gifts! Snow! Fun with friends! So much to be thankful for, Petey! (we are guessing that, in his wisdom, Mica knows all this already...)

Your Friends,
Tom and Tama-Chan

Joe Stains said...

Tanner has one of those treat dispensing toys too, I like it because it keeps him busy. I am sure you don't need something to keep you busy because you are not an annoying DOOFUS.

I am glad you got to have fun with Asta, we saw all the other pics on her blog!

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