Thursday, January 29, 2009

The funner days are over.

Hi everybloggie!

Petey here. I'm back home from my fabulous week at Asta's - chasing balls down the hall, nipping at the Furbrat (one more hump and I could have snapped 'em off as well as the vet!), sleeping on the big bed with Asta and squeezing George and Ami out of the good spots. It was a blast. 

Well, all good things have to come to an end right?

So today, I went home. You see, Mommy had an operation last week on her abdomen and was in the hospital from Friday until today. All went well, and now's she's home but she walks funny and can't bend over to pick up the ball and doesn't seem to have a lot of energy. Great, huh? 

So I've been giving her the cold shoulder. One quick wig-wag of my tail as I zoomed by to say hello to our friend Karen who fly in from South Carolina to help Mommy for a few days. Then I pounced on my favorite tennis ball. No big smiley teeth, no butt-wiggingly tail wag for Mommy. Nada. 

When Mommy was a little girl, her Mommy went into the hospital for a few days and she was taken care of by various neighbors who showered her with gifts and treats. When Grandma came home, Mommy looked at her all pouty and said "The funner days are over.

I couldn't agree more. 

(Thank you again Ami and George - Asta too -  for your overwhelming show of love and support. You are our earth angels!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Too good not to post!

I got a late Christmas present today that Mommy insisted I model. 

I think I look pretty funny -- good thing I've got another 11 months before I'll have to wear this again!

I'm going to be staying at Asta's for awhile at the end of this week. Please come visit me there!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going on a hiatus.

Hi everybloggie (TM- Eric Square Dog),

We have a bunch of craziness going on over here in NYC and will be going on a bit of a hiatus for the next several weeks. Promise to be blogging again next month, when I'll be turning 6 and Mica will be a whopping 18 years old!

We'll visit your sites when we get the chance! Don't go forgetting about us whilst we're gone.

Your pals, 

Petey and Mica

P.S. Do you like Mommy's Christmas present socks? I do!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our hearts are broken.

We just read on The Poupounette that our dear friend Sen-Chan very unexpectedly went to the Bridge today. He was just 16 months old and an Aby, like Mica.

Mommy is in tears. She met Sen-Chan earlier this month and he was the most elegant of Frenchmen—suave, sophisticated and devastatingly handsome. He was also a real sweetheart. Here is a photo that Mommy took of Sen-Chan when she first met him. He was an excellent brother to Tom and his new little sister Tama-Chan. 

When we started blogging last June, The Poupounette boys were two of our first friends. At first, we bonded over the fact that we were both dogs and Abys (and boys at that) living happily together. Of course, we lived in an apartment in New York and Tom and Sen-Chan lived in the most idyllic French countryside you can imagine. Their blog quickly became one of our favorites—especially the beautiful photos of their adventures exploring outdoors. From our stuffy apartment, we could feel the warm sunshine on the meadow grasses and even sniff the lavender along with Sen-Chan.
We especially loved the way he held his tail perfectly upright with a question mark at the end - just like Mica!

He was a happy boy. As the saying goes, what matters is not the days of your life but the life in your days. Sen-Chan's days were very full of beauty, nature and love.

We should each be so fortunate. Sen-Chan, I hope you are introducing yourself to the much-loved Ikkyu right now. Sharing stories and memories, curling up together for a cozy nap.

Tom, I know you'll miss your brother terribly and probably are very confused as to where he's gone. Just know that you'll be together once again in a place with no pain, no pills, and acres of sweet-smelling fields to explore together. 

With much love to Tom, Tama-Chan and especially, our dear new friend #1,

Petey, Mica and Jane