Saturday, February 27, 2010

My birthday and some GREAT cards!!!!

Well, just as I suspected, 671-WASH is the phone number for the Red Rover DOG WASH! I can't say I was too excited when I learned my Spaw treatment was not going to be a relaxing massage but a B-A-T-H.

Red Rover looked so promising when we first got there - I mean, check out this whole wall of delicious goodies...

But no, I was headed for the specially designed dog bath sinks.

First Cathy gently brushed out all my salt-water styled tangles...then she gave me a coat brightening shampoo to bring out my beachy highlights (Mom's going for the same treatment in NYC on Tuesday!)
Then I got a special oatmeal facial mask to make my beard and eyebrows extra-handsome. I asked this chihuahua if she knew where the back door was so I could plan my escape, but she high-tailed it before she'd get scooped up and put into the bath with me.

I got a nice rubdown, then Cathy put cotton in my ears before she turned the dryer on me. Wasn't too crazy about that. Then she switched to a gentle dryer for my face — "We call this 'Riding in the car with our head out the window!'" she said. It was great, I loved that soft breeze ruffling through my now silky locks. I felt like Fabio, posing for the cover of a romance novel!

Needless to say, no more runs on the beach for me until we come back in May. No rolling in squishy dead things on the beach, no dips into the icy water. Oh well. Hopefully there will still be some dirty slush for me to dive into when I get back to NYC on Monday.

I got some super-duper deluxe birthday cards from pals all over the world!

This is my absolute favorite, a hand-made card from NSLM and Clive! Look! There are SEVEN of me on the card - one for every year.

This card put the biggest smile on my newly bathed face! Especially once I realized Clive had been to the groomer's too.

And who could resist this totally AWESOME card from the Holy Terriers??? It even made their masthead, which makes me an honorary Holy Terrier. Seeing Lacie leaping out of the waves made me feel better about the end of my beach walks! And would you look at the size of that tennis ball cake? (I wonder why all the frosting has been licked off the side that's away from the camera?)

Eric Square Dog sent a marvelous card detailing the specifications for a Petey Rectangle Dog, but unfortunately, this old computer can't download the file. You'll just have to take my word for it.

And finally, look at this!!! It's my ROSIE POSEY!!! She's back! She didn't run off with some Highland hound after all. Is there anything lovelier than Rosie reclining in tennis ball flavored icing? I don't think so!

So it looks like this year is going to be LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN after all! Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes!

We're going to be gone for awhile. Mom's got about a 1,000 things to do before we leave Hilton Head for NYC on Monday, then about 5,000 things to do once we get to NYC for her trip to Israel on Thursday. She'll be gone for 9 days and me and Mica will have Ellen and Ben staying with us - Mica gave them RAVE reviews! - while Mom's away. And you know what that means...

"When the Mom's away,
Petey and Mica get treats all day!"

We'll see you soon - "Shalom, y'all!!!"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's my Birthday! Lucky #7!!!

Okay, we had a great time on the beach, Mom, even though it was windy and there was hardly anyone else there but us. But hey! I've got a great idea! Let's go to my favorite store and get me a BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!

Yes, on Friday I will be seven years old. And I knew just the place to go...

Why yes, I'd love a cookie, thank you! Whaddya mean I've "gotta work for it" Mom? Okay, I'll shake hands but hurry it up - I'm starving!

Ooooh....a cookie AND some back scritchies. I'm a blur of excitement. I may need to howl for this nice gal and really turn up the cuteness meter... (Check out my windshield wiper tail action.)

YUMMY! Look at all the delicious homemade dog cookies. What shall I choose for my special birthday cookie?

Well, the Palmetto is on the state flag of South Carolina...and I do love to leave pee-mails on them...

Hey look at all these cute clocks! Boy, you'd always know what time to go for a walk with all of these, right?

Hee hee! Take a look at this weather vane! I think he deserves a Stain Award from Joey.

Hmmm, maybe I need some new toys. I like the giant flea...that smirk reminds me of someone who also is known for her bite....

Oooh, there's so much to choose wait a minute...what are these???

Hey, that looks like Baby Stan on the package - these must be cool!

So whaddya think?
(I think I look like I need my own Seeing Eye Dog.)

I do look kinda cool, don't you think?
(NO, we did NOT buy the Doggles!)

Hey now! Look at all my pals on this game of Dog-opoly! Looks like Chef and Max and Joey and Mango and Noah and Clover!

I finally settled on a bone stuffed with peanut butter. Mom gave it to me when we got home and I took it into the living room and worked on it for three hours! I've still got my birthday cookie and a birthday balloon and cookies from this nice lady at Tail Waggers.

Look how excited I am - I'm a blur!

Jake and Fergi sent me this swell birthday card!
And Otis, Eric Square Dog's Cat-bro sent Mica this greeting card! Eric and I went for tea at the Ritz, read all about it on his bloggie.
Lacie wrote an awfully funny poem on her blog about it, too!

Oohhh! And look at this! Asta created a whole new strain of seeds that grow into PETEY tennis ball-covered bushes!!! That's the best present ever!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to a place called Red Rover for a "Spaw" treatment. I dunno. Their phone number is 671-WASH. I wonder if I'll still get to go to the beach and roll in the sand this weekend. (Mom - "We head back to NYC on Monday, then I'm off to Israel for 9 days, so I'm afraid Petey's going to have to stay clean!") There are some pretty funny names for grooming places down here - our two favorites are Groomingdales and Vanity Fur!

I'll keep you posted on my big day!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mica is 20 years old today!!!

Just wanted to wish my cat-bro Mica a very happy 20th birthday! We'll celebrate properly when I get back to New York next Monday. In the meantime, Mom has told our housesitter Willy to be especially nice to you today! My birthday is this Friday - we'll celebrate both when we're together again!

Friday, February 19, 2010

For more ride before you go.....

My dear friend Hamish is gone.

He was my connection with my Scottish terrier ancestry, as West Highland terriers and Cairn terriers are closely related. He was wise and noble and philosophical, but always with that wry sense of humor.

For a wee dog in the Highlands, we shared many adventures through the wonders of blogdom - he was the trusted sage in "Beagadoon," he danced the Highland fling at the Rainbowwow Room in New York, he traveled through Scotland with me, beating us soundly at golf at St. Andrews and introducing us to the nectar of Highland Park. He was knighted by Bailey, in her royalty phase, served as the Father of the Groom at my wedding, took home some terrier glory at MangoMinster and most recently, received a namesake in the form of one of the adorable Rocky Creek Scottie puppies.

In our real lives, we shared the care and tending of our single moms, had matching coats from Lands End, and enjoyed days spent exploring the great outdoors.

Hamish always admired my bike basket, so before you head to the Bridge, let's go for a quick ride together, shall we?

Hamish, words can't describe how we'll miss you. We're reaching out to Gail across the seas and hope your marvelous voice won't long be silenced.

Till we meet again, dear friend.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Dogfathers

If you haven't yet visited the new puppies at the Rocky Creek Scotties, please be sure to do so today! The results of their "Name That Puppy" contest have been announced and I'm just pleased as punch to announce that Male Puppy #1 will now be known as:


after my dear friend and wise Highland mentor, Hamish the Westie. Wee Hamish will have big pawprints to fill indeed!

Needless to say, fellow Dogfather Hamish and I are just proud as punch to be "Uncles" to the wee mite.

So immediately, we set off in search of the perfect baby gifts for wee Hamish...

This looks perfect - we can argue tartans when wee Hamish is a bit older...

Hamish found this gift - a wee Quaich and a teeny dram—the next best thing to mother's milk!
And before we know it, we know wee Hamish will be scampering around and in need of a collection of tiny sporans!
Ach aye! You made two Scottish laddies very proud today, Carrleigh, Lily, Piper and Java! Many thanks for this grand honor!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next stop of Max's World Love Tour - Hilton Head, SC!

Hooray!!! I'm the next stop on Max's World Love Tour - he's like Santa Claus! Circumnavigating the globe in a single day, but instead of bringing presents, he's bringing loads of love with him!

I knew we'd only have a little time to play here on Hilton Head Island, SC before he'd have to head off to his next destination, so we quickly grabbed our favorite toys — his frisbee from Irish Guide Dogs that NSLM and Clive sent him and for me, my rubber tennis ball, natch! I must say, we two could be the poster boys for the game of FETCH!

Then we went for a bike tour of the Island, stopping to say hello to my pal Harley the Clydesdale! Sorry Max that I don't have a bicycle built for two and you had to do most of the work!

We ended the day down at Harbour Town, watching the sunset over the Calibogue Sound and Daufuskie Island. I pointed out the famous Harbour Town lighthouse — Mom remembers when it was built when she was just a kid. If there are any golfers out there, the Heritage Golf Tournament, the week after the Masters, is played down here and they show the lighthouse alot!

We were hot and hungry after our long bike ride, so we indulged in some delicious ice cream.

Max needed to get going on his way, so we made just a quick stop by our apartment in New York City to say hello and "Happy Almost Birthday" to Mica. He suggested we take a catnap before Max headed over to see Asta, just a few blocks away.

Max, it was such an honor to be able to share some of my favorite places, toys and foods with you. I'll never forget your World Tour and look forward to seeing you again in South Africa.

Safe travels, Maxdog!!! We love you a whole lot!!!!

A fashion statement and a Valentine from Asta!

And the statement my new MangoMinster 2010 tee-shirt makes is this...

"I coulda been a contendah!"

It arrived in the mail today, just time for the height of New York Fashion Week. Unfortunately, this fashion hound is still in South Carolina where there was great excitement on the news yesterday - SNOW was predicted! The first in a decade. And what did we get? Just a bunch of rain.Don't you love my windshield wiper of a wig-wagging tail?

Now in other New York news...Asta has some wonderful news to report! Her sweet Mommi has given up smoking!!! And that's after a twenty year-long habit. While my Mom has never smoked, her Dad was a smoker who died of lung cancer. So it makes Mom very sad when people she loves hurt themselves by smoking.

We're just thrilled to bits that Mommi is being so strong and brave in kicking the habit! Please send her loads of good wishes and support. This is such a hard vice to give up and we just couldn't be more proud of Ami. Hopefully, if she is tempted to start up again, she'll remember all of us pulling for her success!

Asta is just busting her buttons, she's so proud of her Mommi and she asked me to make this Valentine especially for her.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. If you're a smoker, give your heart—and your sweethearts—the best gift ever by quitting smoking. And if you're a non-smoker, please be patient and kind and supportive to those friends and family who are fighting this battle to quit. We'll all breathe a lot easier.

(and everyone else, right?)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me and Mom and a Valentine for Lacie...

When Max's Mom pointed out how important it was to have photos taken of us with our people, Mom and I realized just how few photos we really have together.

There was this photo of us at the Halloween party at the dog run in 2008 when I was a dragon...

Bike riding this summer. Mom's not crazy about this photo because it was very hot and humid and her face looks like a big sweaty tomato...

...Here's a fuzzy haired Mom with me when we'd just been together for a little over a week! I was 5 months old here and look how big and handsome I was already!

Here we are at the dog run a few summers ago. Geez, Mom's sure been through some hairdos (and hair colors!) over the years! When they told her that I could change my color up until I was four years old, Mom replied, "That's fine. My haircolor's changed plenty of times over the last 4 years!"

This was taken during the big snow storm in 2006. Mica always gets nervous when Mom wears this hat because it looks like it's made out of him!

It's all about sharing years of love, love and more love...

And in the spirit of the season, I think I've found a great Valentine for Lacie. I don't think she was too crazy about my birthday gift last week, so maybe this sentiment will make it up to her...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mica Kinda Cracker Insane Monday

As you know, I am a rather distinguished senior gentleman, not prone to silly tricks or stunts, especially not for the flashy box.

However, after sharing the past six years and eight months with a terrier, I may have picked up a few crackerish behaviors.

Like sleeping upside down....

...practicing zen-like meditation...

...and of course, refusing to drink from anything other than a running faucet. (Okay, so I'll also drink out of anyone's available glass that I can stick my head into.)

Not too crackerish - perhaps more eccentric older gentleman cat.

Now, you may have been wondering what Asta and I were doing when she was sequestered here during MangoMinster. Now that judging has been completed, it's okay if I release a photo.,

We had a movie night where we discovered we both shared the same favorite film! And what did we wear, you ask?

Why the Cat's Pajamas, of course!