Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time off for good behavior

First off, I wanted to show you my prize-winning costume from the Dog Run Halloween Party! This little white dog named Spike was also dressed as Sherlock Holmes (though once his Mom got a load of my hat and pipe, she thought Spike should be Dr. Watson!) and I shared the "Best Small Dog" prize for our costumes. Mine was hand-made by the incredibly talented Mrs. 2-Legged who lives with my besty beasty Eric Square Dog. Mom says it's nicer than anything she owns and I have to agree. I always give her a look -- "Couldn't you have dressed up a bit?" -- whenever she takes me out when I'm wearing my authentic Harris Tweed coat with real leather buttons. I think I cut quite a dashing figure....

Anyhow, you've probably noticed that I haven't been around much later. We were in South Carolina for most of October and Mom went to Mexico for a glorious week (don't feel sorry for me, I got spoilt rotten by my good friend Gayle and her sister). Knock wood, Mom's had lots of work lately (always a good thing for a freelance writer!) and she's also made a brand-new commitment to her own blog. She's trying to write every day, just for the sake of writing about non-work related topics. Not too many photos, mostly words. But do drop by.

So my blog is going on hiatus for awhile. That doesn't mean I won't be dropping in on my friends from time to time, just probably not quite as often. What can I say? Mom's put in alot of hours on my blog, it's only fair I let her do the same thing for her own blog.

We've sure had a lot of fun and Mom and I are so grateful for all the wonderful friends we've met in blogland. Hope to see you all SOON!

Your pal,