Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm revealing a HUGE secret....

Well, it's true confessions time, my friends. I'm no good at keeping secrets and this one has been bubbling up inside of me for weeks now!

Remember a few weeks ago when Rosie-Posie and I went to Bermuda for a romantic weekend? And wise-ish Auntie Bailey tagged along as our chaperone? Oh! And Lacie and Butchy just happened to be vacationing on Bermuda that same weekend. Then we ran into Wimsey, outta the blue???

Well...it was no coincidence!

You see...Rosie and I went to Bermuda to elope! We got married that weekend!!!

Sure, Auntie Bailey was along...she was our wedding coordinator. And look at the wonderful job she did, even having roses for Rosie for the ceremony. You can see her in the front row with her beautiful hat. 

Wimsey was the official and added an air of dignity to the occasion. (Yes, he and Auntie Bailey did disappear for quite a while on his moped!)

Butchy came along to serve as my Best Man. Even though I'm a British breed, I was born in the United States, so we needed to make sure all our paperwork was in order. That's why Butchy has his briefcase with him during the ceremony! He took his role very seriously. 

And Lacie? Well, Lacie provided the entertainment... and in fine fashion! (Can you believe that Lacie kept our secret all these weeks? I'm so proud of her!)

We'd sworn to secrecy - I didn't even tell my bestest friend Eric Square Dog for fear he'd get nervous and stutter it out under pressure. Not even my friend and neighbor Asta sniffed it out of me!

...But that's not even the BIG NEWS!




...We've started a family!!! I'm just proud as punch of our new brood and Rosie Posie is a SENSATIONAL mother! Aren't the puppies just the spitting (and biting and chewing) image of their proud parents?

And then there's this little fella who got the best of both our characteristics! He can smell a rat from 50 paces, howls like Poochini, and started destroying tennis balls before he was paper-trained. He's a Ceaglairn Terragle. Probably will bump the Puggle and the Labradoodle off the designer dog lists....

Pretty crazy news, huh? But wait, there's more......




APRIL FOOLS!!!! WAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Did we get you? Did you believe a word of it???
HAHAHAHAHA!!! C'mon, I mean, I love my Rosie-Posie to pieces but do you think we'd really get married on OUR FIRST DATE?!?! And have a mess of puppies a month later? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Although Auntie Bailey REALLY did disappear for hours and hours with Wimsey. That part is absolutely true.

Happy April Fool's Day everybloggie! Hope we GOTCHA!

Congratulations to Amber-Mae!

...on the arrival of the LUCKY SEVEN! Seven gorgeous puppies - 3 girls and 4 boys. (Yes, Lacie, that means there are now four new single fellas on DWB who don't know your reputation. At least wait until their eyes open...)

While Amber-Mae may be the latest unwed mother of a large multiple birth, she plans to raise her pups at home with Faith and Chloe and not rely on tax-payer contributions for their welfare. 

Congratulations to the SeptoMom!!! Drop by and see the new puppies - they're adorable!


Shhh....don't wake up Rosie-Posie! We're two pooped pups so we're just going to snuggle awhile under the red blankie....well, maybe I'll chew on this tennis ball for a little while before I drift off again...can you close the door on your way out? Thanks...see you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dancing 'til Dawn - Part 2

Sorry for the delay! Just woke up a few minutes ago...just in time to go meet Asta for some hair of the dog and to recap our enchanted evening. We both agreed that international sensation Sophie Brador was channeling one of Hitchcocker's icy blondes in her sweeping gray chiffon. Joe Stains couldn't take his eyes (or his lips) off of her. And it's true - a tuxedo does make a man look taller, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, yet another first date was setting sparks skidding across the room. The lovely Lucia was motto bella in her House of Asta for Fursace design. And blue was the perfect color to wear to match her Kerry Blue beau, the Buster

Khyra looked like an arctic white-out in her custom-designed white gown as she spun across the floor. She explained that it's perfectly alright to accessorize with fur...when it's your own. Ben Rotti looked relieved to get an evening off of babysitting his new sister. Funny how he didn't mind staying up all night when it meant holding his Khyra close...

My Rosie was delectable in her pale pink-gray beaded gown...we stole away to a quiet corner for our own dance among the stars...

Meanwhile, Miss Snickers and Gussie were WireFox Trotting up a storm - she in a silver-white gown and Gussie in an Elvis-worthy midnight blue tuxedo. He pulled it off with style! TD and his lovely gal Kat were black and white and red all over...all over the dance floor, that is. And Faya demonstrated European elegance in her mermaid-inspired gown. George wasn't the only one who was gorgeous this night!

Another new couple alert! Jake proved that his brother Just Harry wasn't the only one with the smooth moves, as he escorted Rosie's sister Gabbi to a secluded corner to "admire the view." Jake didn't even notice the Empire State Building - all he could see was Gabbi in her icy-blue column dress. 

Meanwhile, the bachelor boys, Rocky, Snoop, and King Simba himself were kicking back some champagne and kicking up their heels on top of the tables! I'm sure the single ladies took note...

While Dyos may look quite the grown-up, he was tuckered out around 10:00 p.m. Hopefully, he and Jazzi are sharing a cha-cha-cha in their dreams. Puppy love, anyone?

My bestest mate, Eric Square Dog, snuck outside with his girlfriend Toffee for some dancing under the stars and the city lights in the Rockefeller Center rooftop garden overlooking Fifth Avenue. "Fly me to the moooon....and let me play catch beneath the stars......"
As the evening wound down, fireworks erupted over the Manhattan skyline and Rosie (now in rose petal pale pink chiffon) and I went to a private room for some fireworks of our own. Yet as the last firework echoed through the canyons of New York, we continued to hear some rumbling....

What an amazing night! Thank you everyone for attending and in such fantastic style. And who knows, maybe like the Spring daffodils, some bright new romances may now be budding....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Puttin' on the Dog - Part 1

Oh what a night! For one night only, the world-famous Rainbow Room in Manhattan became the Rain BOW WOW Room as dozens of gorgeous doggies from across the globe gathered to cut a rug. (Okay, and a few peed on it as well.)

Mango the Relentlessly Huge, producer of Beagadoon, arrived with his beautiful girlfriend MJ. They danced right off the elevator!

The dance floor was packed with WireFox Trotters - Rosie Marie was a vision in her custom-designed rose-colored gown with her beau Harry Pugnacious. (After tonight, I don't think we'll have to prod Harry to ask Rosie out again!) Auntie Bailey was stunning in her metallic gown from the House of Asta - she certainly got an appreciative wolf-whistle or two from Joey. Mason Dixie and Alfie were a graceful duo...he's one regal beagle! Even little Jazzi and Mr. Digsby Mac Feegie danced along to the beat of Benny Gooddog Orchestra.

Speaking of youngsters, Lacie surprised everyone by bringing along Dyos as her date for the evening. As promised, he picked her up on his set of wheels. Such a shame he feel asleep at 10:00 p.m.... Lacie was the inspiration for this original gown from the House of Asta.

Recently officially adopted Bobby was ready to celebrate and the exotic Nessa caught his eye as he arrived. They were inseparable all evening!

Of course, no one could match the elegance of Stanley of Gooberstan and his long-time love Asta Urbanista on the dance floor, especially not in her flowing House of Asta original. (Gee, it sure would be a perfect time for a proposal, Stanley...hint, hint...)

And speaking of Aires,  a new romance may be in the air for the lovely Auntie Martha, who also received the House of Asta makeover treatment, and the handsome young Scruff. Who could imagine Martha's gracefulness once she lost those sensible shoes?

While the orchestra took a break, the single gals gathered in the Ladies Lounge for champagne, gossip, and some dating advice from Lacie.  Lorenza's tan glowed against her turquoise one-shouldered House of Lorenza gown, while Kira showed off her floofy shoulders in pale lilac. And Persephone shimmered in a gold evening coat and matching sheath. No doubt these ladies will be handing out their dog licence numbers to plenty of eager gents before the night is done...

Taking advantage of the stunning views of the Empire State Building, Baby Rocket showed Hamish the latest steps. Then this old dog showed Baby a few tricks of his own! Willow looked every inch a supermodel in her figure-hugging red halter dress from the House of Asta. Just Harry was proud as punch to be escorting her to the dance floor. Meanwhile, Mango the Maltese Kiddo and his Crystal snuggled and shared a glass or two of Cristal...
And what was more stunning? The view of Manhattan or Morgan and Ludo van Puppy in perfect harmony? Methinks we may have another romance in the makings!!! How could Ludo not be swept off his paws?

Who could have believed our busy aviatrix Ruby Bleu could look so divine in palest pink? Certainly not Mack who never left her side for a moment. Meanwhile Stella of Gooberstan, a star dancer in Beagadoon, and her boyfriend and co-star Taffy demonstrated that you don't always need an airplane to take flight! Miss Stella was dressed for the evening in House of Asta, head to paw.

Oops, more doggies are arriving...including my absolutely stunning Rosie-Posie! Sigh...she has truly taken my breath away. More photos to come...but for now, gotta DANCE!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Spring Fling?

There seems to be so much romance on the blogs lately, I thought it would be a swell idea to fly everydoggie (and cat and hammie, if they're so inclined) to New York this weekend for a romantic evening of dining and dancing at the famous Rainbow Room, overlooking all of Manhattan!

Dress code is tuxedo or suit for gentlemen, cocktail attire or evening gown for the ladies. Naturally, we will invite wise-ish Aunties Bailey and Martha (who have been known to cut a rug) to act as chaperones for the younger ladies.

So what do you say Eric and Toffee, Asta and Stanley, Joe and Sophie, Alfie and Mason Dixie, Lacie and whoever is up for it this weekend? Rosie Marie and Harry, this could be your perfect date... Tanner, when's the last time you and Lily tripped the light fantastic? And speaking of tripping, Mango you may not be light on your feet but doesn't MJ deserve an elegant waltz around the floor? And who will win the WireFoxtrot contest???

Grab your tophats and tails, fellas...ladies, strap on those dancing shoes...and let's have a night to howl about!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Rosie!

You'll never guess what happened today...I got a package from the Royal Mail! Eric Square Dog has sent me fabulous treats before through King Simba's royal mail. 

But this package wasn't from Jolly Old Englande -- it was from Bonnie Scotland! It was from the bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world...my Rosie-Posie!!!

There was this fantastic beagle toy with a tennis ball for its belly! It's like a stuffy swallowed a tennis ball. I love to try to shake it like a mad fiend!
She included a wonderful squeaky soccer ball (or football, right?) and some of her favorite tasty treats for tea time. 

Then...Rosie shared part of her favorite red blankie with me. I love it! It smells like heather and the ocean and sweet Rosie-Posie. And she sent me her favorite half-chewed tennis ball. Can you believe how generous she is? I started chewing and squeaking it immediately. It was as close as we can come to kissing over the miles...

Then there was a special little envelope addressed to me. Inside was this beautiful Rosie Pink tag that had been engraved just for me...it's hard to get a good photograph of it, but it says "To My Sweetie Petey" on one side and "From Your Rosie-Posie with Love xx" on the other side.

Isn't she just the best? Here I am reading her very personal card — she even included a lock of her tail hair.

Ahhhhh! I'm taking a deep breath....ROSIE!!!  I fell asleep with Rosie's blanket wrapped around me and had a wonderful dream...

There was a beautiful wide open beach....

And way in the distance, I could see a beautiful beagle running towards me...

And I was running along the beach towards her....

When I got closer, I saw it was my Rosie!!!

So we snuggled together in the sand and I gave her a kiss on her perfect cheek. 

"You are my Rosie-Posie and I am yours."

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thank you all for your kind words about Beagadoon! It was indeed a labor of love, inspired by my own sweet Scots lass, Rosie.  There have been some suggestions about our next film —everything from HMS Pinafur to South Pawcific — it may take awhile before we embark on such a large project again!

Meanwhile I've been resting and relaxing since our premiere. (Be sure to visit Rosie's blog to see the two of us in our finery, walking the red carpet!) 

The other night, I was playing with my new wee mousie stuffie before I fell asleep....

I was really REALLY tired! Look at me — I'm practically upside down. Mommy said I was snoring away, twitching my paws and talking in my sleep.

Well no wonder! Look what I was dreaming about....

Just look at the size of my mousie!!! Not so "wee" anymore! (Mommy thought this photo should be titled "I smell a rat!" Actually, it was a very nice mousie.)

That's the last time I drink one of Lacie's Glenlivet smoothies so close to bedtime...

In other news....

I got some real mail the other day - addressed to me! It was from Stella and Stanley, the royal family of Gooberstan! Inside was a Christmas card that had been sent to the wrong address months ago. Plus some wonderful photos of my pals (I have the one of Stella and Stan in my wallet right now). AND.... TWO marvelous wonderful gooberlicious squeaky TENNIS BALLS!!!!

Can you see how I've already customized it, by removing strategic bits of green fuzz to add to its aerodynamic qualities? I loved my new squeaky ball so much, I started playing with it with the doorman in the lobby before we even went upstairs to our apartment. 

Now, there is a sad part to this story... That night, I was taking my ball with me for my late night walk. I like to do this, sometimes I show off for Bear or the doorman. I just keep my head down until we're outside then I look up at Mommy and smile and she says "Oh Petey!" because she knows I can't poo and hold a ball at the same time, which means she's probably going to be looking under cars to retrieve it for me. 

Anyhow, I was bouncing the ball around the park across the street when tragedy struck—the ball bounced through the iron railings of the fence around the park. I could SEE the ball, nestled in the dirt next to some daffodil shoots, but I couldn't get to it - not even after dragging Mommy around to all three of the entrances to the park. We went out the next morning, right after the park had opened but it was gone. 

Thank you for sending TWO balls, Stan and Stella. This time, I'll be more careful. 

Finally, for those of you who think that the streets of New York are paved with gold, well, you're close....

They're actually paved with copper—gazillions of copper pennies! 

Penny for your thoughts?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

With no further delay...BEAGADOON

Way up in the highlands of Scotland, vacationing New Yorkers Tommy (Petey) and Jeff (Joe) had lost their way on their hunting trip. While they pondered where to go next, they hear the sound of singing coming from across the bridge...

Sleeping under starry skies

There my Furry Hound Dog Lies

Let the tennis balls surround us
Let the doggies bay above

In this Valley there'll be love!"

..and stumble upon a quaint little town, where the citizens were all dressed in old-fashioned garb.  "Is this some kind of cult?" asked Jeff.  No, they were told - this was Beagadoon.

Townspeople: Ruby, Scampi, Suzuki, Stanley of Gooberstan, Khyra, Sophie Brador, Stella of Gooberstan, Just Harry, Niamh, Snoop, Abby and Teka Toy

Tommy and Jeff had wandered in on Market Day. And this was an especially busy morning as there was to be a wedding later that day - Charlie Dalrymple (Eric Square Dog) was marrying Jeannie MacLaren (Toffee).

Charlie couldn't wait for the wedding as he told the townspeople in song...
"I used to be a rovin' lad.
A rovin' an' wanderin' life I had.
On any lass I'd grrrr, who would try to brush my fur.
But then one day, I saw a maid,
Who held out her paw, so' I spayed an' stayed.
An' now across the green, I'll go home with bonnie Jean."

But not everyone in Beagadoon was happy about the marriage - especially not Harry Beaton (Taffy) who told Jean (Toffee) that he loved her more and she'd be making a terrible mistake marrying Charlie.

Meanwhile, the lassies of the town were asking Fiona MacLaren (Rosie!!!) how she felt about her younger sister getting married before she did. As she sang to the lassies and her sister Annie (Gabbi), she was....

"Waitin' for my terrier, an' happy am I
to hold sit-stay till he comes strollin' by.
When he comes, my dearie, one sniff an' I'll know
That he's the terrier I've been wantin' so."

Arriving at the MacLaren house with Charlie, Tommy meet the lovely Fiona who is going off the hillside to pick heather for the wedding. Immediately enamored with this beguiling lass, Tommy insists on coming along with her...

"Can't we two go walking together,
Out beyond the hydrants and trees?
Out where there's a hillside of heather, 
Plenty of spots to sniff and pee...
That's what I'd like to do,
roll around in the heather, but with you!"

Back at the MacLaren house, Aunties (Bailey and Martha Basset) were helping Jeannie pack up her belongings to move to her new doghouse with Charlie. 

Meanwhile  Jeff has found himself in the company of the "Lacie of Beagadoon," Meg Brockie (international sensation Sophie Brador), a saucy gal who's yet to meet a leg she didn't want to hump. And she's looking at Jeff like he's a hot piece of bacon and she's on week 12 of Atkins...

Back at the MacLaren house, Charlie can't wait another minute to see his beautiful Bonnie Jean, but the Aunties will hear nothing of it! So instead, Charlie serenades Jeannie from outside her door...

"Come to me, sit for me, sniff me good day!
Darling, my darling tis all I can bay,
Just come to me, sit for me, sniff me good day,
Toss me a treat, and I'll be on my way."

Charlie's not the only one bewitched by love in Beagadoon—Tommy and Fiona are smitten kittens as well and of course, express themselves in song and dance....

"What a day this has been, 
what a rare mood I'm in,
why it's almost like being off-leash!

There's a smile on my face,
for the whole canine race,
why it's almost like being off-leash!

When we walked down the brae,
not a bark did we bay,
it was almost like being off-leash.

All the music of life seems to be,
like a treat bell that's ringing for me!
And from the way that I feel when that 
treat bell does peal,
I could swear I was running off leash!"

When the lovestruck pups return home, they meet Jeff on the way. Inside, the family pedigree has been brought out for the wedding. That's when Tommy and Jeff notice that the MacLaren sisters were whelped over 200 years ago! That makes them over 1,435 in dog years!!!

Fiona tells them that there's a secret about Beagadoon and takes them to meet Mr. Lundie (Hamish Westie) who will tell them the story...
Apparently, 200 years ago, Beagadoon was plagued by Puppy Mill-running witches. (Mr. Lundie asks Jeff and Tommy if they have witches where they come from and Jeff replies, "Oh, we have'em. But we pronounce it differently.") To protect Beagadoon, a miracle occurred—Beagadoon and it's residents would vanish into the Highland mist, to reappear in the world for one day every 100 years. That was Wednesday, today is Friday - two days in Brigadoon, but 200 years to the rest of the world. If any resident of Beagadoon should leave, the enchantment would be broken and Beagadoon would vanish forever. However, anyone is welcomed to stay if they truly love someone in Beagadoon.  As Fiona leaves to get ready for the wedding, Mr. Lundie assures Tommy that everyone is happy in Beagadoon.

The whole town turns out for the joyful wedding of Jeannie and Charlie, bedecked in their finery.  
Everyone's having a marvelous time, singing and drinking and catching balls and dancing, until Harry Beaton arrives with his sword dancers. (All the unneutered males ran home and hid.)

Sword dancers: Noah, Alfie and Marvin

At the conclusion of the dramatic dance,  Harry goes up to Jean to give her a good sniff, but she cries out and runs to Charlie's side. Harry declares that he loves Jeannie too much to see her with another dog and that he's leaving Beagadoon! And with that, he dashes off into the darkness!

Immediately, a search party is formed to go find Harry before he can leave the town borders of Beagadoon and it vanishes forever.  Many lives hang in the balance. While running in the woods, Tommy finds Fiona and declares his love for her—he has decided to stay with her in Beagadoon forever.

Left to right: Eric Square Dog, Asta, Kira, Teka Toy, Martha Basset, and Gabbi.

Suddenly, an anguished howl of pain is heard in the distance.... 

A heart-broken Archie Beaton (Stanley of Gooberstan) comes in carrying the limp body of his son Harry, while a lone piper (Ben Rotti) plays a mournful tune. Tommy, Meg and Jeff join the villagers during this tragic moment.

Before the wedded couple, Maggie Anderson (Stella of Gooberstan), who loved Harry but was spurned by him, dances the solemn piobrochead, a traditional funeral dance of mourning. (It also allows her to give his butt a final sniff.)

When Tommy tells Jeff that he has fallen in love with Fiona and plans on staying in Beagadoon, Jeff tells him that he's under some crazy Highland Hound spell. He also confesses that he accidentally killed Harry when he tripped him and Harry fell on one of Tanner's corn shanks.

Tommy tells Fiona that while he'll always love her, he doesn't trust his feelings and must leave. As the day ends, Fiona vanishes into the mist, her melodic voice lingering in Tommy's ears.

Four months later, Tommy is back in New York but can't forget Fiona. His fiancee Jane Ashton (Asta Urbanista) meets him at the Plaza bar and while she goes on and on about wedding plans, all Tommy can hear is Fiona. Torn between two worlds, Tommy calls off the wedding and leaves that night on the next Aire Ruby flight to Scotland.

Not sure what he'll find when he gets there, Tommy wanders the woods where he first found Beagadoon. "Why do dogs have to lose things - like their favorite tennis ball - to find out what they really mean?" he howls to the moon. 

Suddenly, a grumpy Auntie appears in her nightie on the bridge..."This has better be good" as she was awakened in the middle of the night — Tommy must really love Fiona. He looks back over the bridge and disappears into the mist with the wise Auntie, soon to be reunited forever with his love.

This has been a Relentlessly Huge Production.

And now to wait for the reviews to start pouring in....