Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Terrier Time!!!

When I'm down here on Hilton Head, I don't need a clock or a calendar to tell me when it's 4:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon...

Around 3:45, I start getting all excited because it's almost TERRIER TIME!!!!

The golf course at the Country Club closes for maintenance at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, so at 4:00, me and my pals meet up at my friend Honey's house - actually, her backyard. The 9th tee box.

Hurry up, Mom, we're gonna be late! (Man, I never want to go up against that fish in a ball-catching contest!)

What are you dragging your heels for? It's 3:50 already! Who cares if it's hot and humid? Gotta go!

Hmmm, a brief diversion to scan the tennis courts along the driveway to the Country Club. Never know when you'll find an errant but perfectly good tennis ball hiding in the pine straw.
(By the way, I HATE pine straw. I'm still enough of an urban dog that when I get a piece of pine straw stuck on my legs I have to sit down immediately until Mom removes it.)

Hey, I smell something in this bush. Just a minute....(my wound is all better by the way, though I still have my fierce-looking bald patch and scratch that has passersby inquiring if I've had surgery!)
SUCCESS! A brand-newish tennis ball!!! My record for finding one every week is unbroken!

Yeah, nice fountain. We'll admire it on the way home. Hurry up Mom! Time's a-wasting!

Ahh, nothing like the taste of a slightly damp, leaf-covered tennis ball on a hot summer afternoon...
Okay, we're on the golf course now - wonder it anyone's there yet?

Hmmm, I can see them gathering on the tee box. Maybe a quick practice throw to try out this new ball before I get there...

Here comes my gator-fighting partner in crime Muffy. She's just about the only other dog who likes to chase the ball. Well, she likes to chase me chasing the ball. She looks like a smaller, girlier version of my pal Bear in New York.

This new ball is terrific! Gotta take a quick break from the action...

Muffy's Dad always brings along delicious treats (that's what lured me away from the alligator pond) but I'm too busy playing ball for a food break. That's Honey in the front, insisting on her fair share as she is the hostess of this grand event.

Savannah's never one to miss a treat either. How does she keep her girlish figure?

Ahhh, a tennis ball in my mouth, grass on my belly and a pretty girl to chase me! This is the life!

Okay - it's 4:30, time for everyone to head home. C'mon Mom, at 5:00 we can go to the beach!

Ooh. I forgot how hot and tired you get running around chasing tennis balls. Just look at my big old bologna tongue hanging out. My sides were going in and out like a bagpipe! Need a little break before we head home. (We stopped for a big cup of water at the driving range.)

Well that's it for another Monday. Time for a little snooze in the air conditioning as I drift off admiring my new tennis ballllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

(Actually, we did go down to the beach around 7:00 p.m. Lovely cool breeze and nice big waves. And of course, new kids to train and play with! Got home just before the thunder started rumbling. Fortunately, Mom's not too particular about having a damp dog in her lap!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Third Birthday Dear Rosie!!!

While the Dughallmor Beagles have cut way back on their blogging*, my dearest Rosie Posie still holds my heart in her paws...

* you can catch up with the beagles on Facebook!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Poor Petey! Under attack and off to the vet!

Well, bloggies, I have a tale of danger and violence to share with you today. Late Saturday afternoon, I started feeling poorly. Mom thought I might be dehydrated because I'd been playing on the beach and out on the patio. Then I got real clingy and it looked like a thunderstorm might be brewing. I was trembling and couldn't get close enough to Mom.

Unfortunately, Mom was having a dinner party and instead of smiling at the guests and showing them how I can now "high-five" for a treat, I hid under the dining room table and looked sad.

I was feeling a little better on Sunday, but I'd still cower when Mom touched my sides, even gently. So today she took me to the vet to see what was wrong. She was terrified I might have been bitten by a tick and had Lyme Disease or worse. She was so scared she hadn't slept for two nights!

Of course, I became Mister Personality when I got to the vet, wagging my tail, saying hello to all the dogs and cats and people and generally, being my adorable self.

And while Mom had checked me over carefully, she now noticed this cut on my side. You see, I'd been running on the beach on Saturday, playing with all the kids, when I met a 40+ pound girl puppy. Her owners said she was friendly and could she play with me. We both ran after the ball and when I got there first, she attacked me! We were about 50 yards away from our 2-leggeds and our skirmish didn't last long but apparently, she beat up on me! See the gash from her paw?

The vet took my temperature (how embarrassing!), listened to my heart and lungs and felt me all over for any broken bones. She said everything was normal (hooray!!!!) but I had a contusion from where she'd beaten up on me.

I put on a brave face for Mom. (Also, I was getting lots of cookies and pats and cooing from the 2-leggeds!)

I was told to take it easy - no Terrier Time or beach walks for a week — and walks on the leash rather than running free as the doctor said "those little terriers can be twisty!" She gave me an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer (which made a little woosy - time for another nap under the dining room table!).

The vet also gave me a shave—and discovered another gash under my scruffy fur. At least I don't have to wear a cone, Scruffy... And no anti-biotics either - the wounds don't look infected, probably because I played with a little girl in the saltwater after my battle with that bitch, errr, girl dog!

By evening I was back out on the deck, looking for my collection of tennis balls and wondering why Mom wouldn't bounce them for me to catch. Rolling a ball back and forth just isn't much fun.

Speaking of fun, before my big attack, Mom and I made a stop at Tailwaggers to pick up my food and I almost fell over! Is this Auntie Martha...or is it Auntie Bailey??? She kinda looks like a combination of both. But then she wagged her tail and barked with a Southern accent and I realized that she was a Dixieland dog!

She was pretty fast moving - hard to get her to stay in place to get a good photo! Plus her back half was always going the opposite direction of her front half.

She was a very good saleslady though, checking out Mom's purse before she handed over the dog food...

She even offered to taste-test my purchase but I said that wouldn't be necessary...

She also recommended this fine line of spa products. I was looking for Square Muddy Dog for my Bestie Eric, but no such luck.

...however, I did find this product for Lacie. Maybe if she soaks in it then sits under a hot dryer, her extra-large body parts will shrink! Think I'll get a case for her and another case for that nasty pup on the beach.

So at the end of this long and scary day, ice cream once again is the best medicine! My side hurts a lot less when my tummy is full of a nice cold Dogster treat!

No more adventures with short-tempered girls who are more than twice my size, I promise!

And the winner is....Gussie!

For his wonderful definition of "imitz" — somedog who imitates in a sincere effort to flatter but is a total ditz at it. There were some awesome entries but this one literally made us laugh out loud!

Gussie, can you please have your Mom email me with your new address so my Mom can wrestle your prize away from me and send it to you? (mica_maui_98@yahoo.com) I promise you it's NOT this tennis ball!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Island images and some new friends!

In honor of the World Cup, I had to post this photo of my favorite female soccer player, Molly. I met her last fall and I'm pleased to report that she is still sitting on her red soccer ball.

Hee hee! We loved this sign we found in a little gallery in Bluffton, SC so much it is now hanging on our porch (along with a sign that says "If you're not barefoot, you're overdressed." Strong words from a shoe-fanatic like Mom!)

In New York, I've shown you plenty of photos of the Hudson River. Well, down here, we're looking over the docks at Hudson's Seafood Restaurant - parallel universes!

Mom and I biked down to Harbourtown the other day. This is the iconic lighthouse (not a real working lighthouse, but a navigation view point nonetheless.) After our three-mile bike ride, we decided to skip climbing the lighthouse...

...but I did give these sea kayaks a good sniff. Mom wants to try paddleboarding while she's here. I told her that I find dog-paddling boring, but she said this was something all together different.

So we decided to get some ice cream and discuss this further. Can't tell you how many little two-leggeds came over to pat me while I was eating my ice cream. I kept wagging my tail but I didn't want to stop eating!

Dogs can only go to the beach now before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm. Which is fine with me because it's too hot the rest of the day. I prefer to hang out on my porch. But after 5:00, it's the best time to go to the beach. The sky is gorgeous, the crowds have thinned and there are always some people to throw the ball for me!

Don't I make a handsome lifeguard? I'll rescue you as long as my feet can touch the ground.

This is so cool! These guys are kite-surfers. They stand on boards that look like snowboards, wear harnesses that are attached to these big parachute-like kites that pull them through the water. Sometimes they do enormous jumps and spins over the waves. It's quite beautiful to watch.

I spotted a bunch of kids and took off to introduce myself. This is my new pal William.
He's from Tennessee. I asked if he knew Gussie.

He introduced me to his brother and sisters and cousins. Are they the cutest bunch of kids ever? The littlest girl in the pink tee-shirt was named Maggie and she played with me the longest. When we had to leave, she ran after me shouting "Bye Petey! Bye Petey!"

Mom said it made her Grinchy heart grow three times as big.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Word Verification Dictionary!

I've got about a million squigillion photos to download, but the laptop isn't cooperating. So I thought I'd share an idea with you I had while Mom was pedaling me over to see my pals Jeannie and John...

...there are some pretty hilarious words that come up for "Word Verification" when you're trying to post a comment. Like when I was on MaxMom's blog, I got "Ostricia" - thought it might be a word describing all things regarding Ostriches...or maybe some Baltic country where ostriches are the national bird.

So here's today's game. Write a descriptive definition for your word verification and you could win a swell prize! But you only have until Sunday at midnight!!!

I'm off for another ride (this is the ONLY kind of wheelies that this terrier can deal with!).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gator Bait

Man oh man, am I ever in the naughty corner!

Mom and I went to Terrier Time the other afternoon. It was great - I got to see my island pals, like Honey and Cleo and Savannah and Muffy. The golf course is closed for the afternoon so we get to run around and have a ball.

Speaking of which, I'm the only fella who brings along a ball. The 2-leggeds throw it and lots of the other dogs chase me around. Especially Muffy - the black dog in the bottom of this photo. She looks alot like my pal Bear in New York!

Well, we were chasing the ball on the 9th tee box and ran off the back of the tee box out of sight. When we didn't immediately come back, Mom and Muffy's Dad went looking for us. My favorite orange ball was floating in the lagoon...Muffy was on the bank watching it...and I'd ventured in! My front legs and belly were covered in mud.

It's a good thing I don't like to swim when my feet can't touch the bottom, because just look who sometimes lives in the lagoon!!!!

Mom kept calling me over and over and I wouldn't budge from the edge of the lagoon. It was my favorite ball after all. She tried to lure me with biscuits. Not budging. Finally, Muffy's Dad offered some REALLY good cookies and it seemed clear that Mom wasn't going to wade into the lagoon and get my ball, so I gave up and went for the cookies.

But for the rest of Terrier Time, I didn't have a ball to play with, so I just rolled around in the grass, making all the 2-leggeds shriek at my dirty belly and paws. Muffy and I kept trying to sneak back to the lagoon, but Mom and Muffy's Dad weren't letting us out of their sight.

Needless to say, I got hosed down but good when we got home. And Mom kept petting me all night long, saying "Petey! You would have been a little snack for an alligator!" So I'm in BIG trouble. Bet I'll have to wear my lifejacket to Terrier Time next week, if I'm even allowed off leash.

Maybe I'd better stick to the beach.

This is for NSLM and Clive! Five weeks to go!!!