Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Naked Truth

Oh hello there! Excuse me, I was just reading a fascinating article in the New York Post.

Apparently, there's quite a brouhaha over at the High Line because of the naughty antics of some guests at the new Standard Hotel. You see, the management of the hotel has been encouraging their guests (as well as the more attractive hotel staff) to pose in their birthday suits in front of the big floor-to-ceiling windows, in order to draw attention to the hotel.

And some guests have taken things a bit too far. Since this blog is rated PG, let's just say the words "Doggie" and "Style" were used without referring to the latest in leashes or canine couture. Since our beautiful new High Line park goes right through The Standard, some park visitors have caught quite an eyeful of the wildlife!

Now, what does all this have to do with me? Well, our neighborhood dog run is at the base of The Standard hotel. Now, we've always had a clothing optional policy at the dog run, but I never imagined that we might inspire the hotel guests to cast off all their clothes as well!

Me? I prefer to go semi-nude, with a stylish collar. And when the weather gets a bit nippy, I may add a hoodie...

So here is the scenario for you all - our dog run, the naked and naughty hotel guests and the High Line. (Although this photo wasn't taken there, this is pretty much the view from Asta's house! Wonder why her Mommi suddenly bought a high-powered telescope?)

Just the other night, we spied some naked men up on the 8th floor while we were at the run. I think that article is only going to inspire more exhibitionists! We're talking about getting some signs to hold up -- "TAKE IT OFF!" and more often "PUT IT BACK ON!"

Just look at this shameless hussy! And she's one of the more modest ones.
Unlike a certain Canadian temptress who visited us earlier this summer...

Just look at this cheeky girl! Why, she's even opened the window to provide passersby with an even more explicit view of her "Moon Over Manhattan!"

What!?! Full frontal??? Please Ms. Brador, remember that there are puppies present!

That Sophie! She really started the whole exhibitionist trend! Just look at that knowing look...

"No, Mom, I don't know where you left your binoculars!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Clive's Little Man's Birthday!!!

Be sure to go wish the little man a very Happy 11th Birthday! (Maybe Clive will slip you a piece of birthday cake!) Hope you're having a spectacular day little man!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Petey gets the works!

Yesterday, Mommy decided to do something about that fat gray skunk stripe running down her part so off we went to her groomer....

...the fun and fabulous Red Market in the Meatpacking district! And you'll notice I said "we!" I've been invited to come along.

Good thing, too, because Red Market is located on the fourth floor of an old warehouse building (so it's more like 6 stories) and there's no elevator or central air! Mommy and I both had a big drink of water when we got there.

Look at this wonderful big open space! Perfect for playing ball with the stylists... That's the toe of owner David Cotteblanche's cowboy boot - ideal for kicking the ball between snipping locks. (Mommy also loves going there because not only are they expert stylists, but David and Reynald have sexy french accents! Oohlala! They also offer clients a very nice glass of wine.)

Hmmm, I wonder if Mommy's friend Steven Dillon needs some expert advice from me?

Or maybe he'd just like to kick the ball for me!

Time for me to get to work. Asta's always mixing her Mommi's haircolor, perhaps I'll give it a try...

Whaddya mean you'd rather entrust your haircolor to Krista, Mommy? She's the sweetest thing and she does AWESOME haircolor. I think I inspire her with my champagne blonde.

In the meantime, I can count on Dana for a good game of catch. She could pitch for the Yankees, she's got such a great arm on her!
And she's always up for a good game of tug-of-war!

Since I was already at the salon, I decided to get a makeover. So I had a consultation with Reynald's one-year old daughter.

She lives with two Great Danes at home so she wasn't scared of a little guy like me at all!

Here she is suggesting bangs and chin-length extensions for a modern-day Prince Valiant look.

Umm, not so sure I want such a drastic new look. I perused the list of services....
...and opted for a deep conditioning treatment to soothe by sun- and salt-water ravaged hair. Krista gave me an excellent scalp massage as well...

Then she and Dana decided I needed a few sun-streaked highlights, so on with the cap and under the rotating heat lamp for a few spins...

Don't I look even better than usual? Like I just stepped out of a salon???

So I settled my bill at the counter....

...and didn't forget to leave Krista a nice tip! (I thought twice about leaving Dana my yellow ball...)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The new woman in my life...

Now, I hope Rosie and Mommy won't take offense, but there is a new woman in my life and frankly, I'm madly in love with her. In fact, I can't stop thinking about her and want to be with her 24 hours a day.

She's the loveliest lady at the Cafe Cluny ice cream stand. And I think she has a bit of a crush on me as well...

You see, she says that I'm her most favorite customer. I'm certainly the most vocal - I let out a howl of delight if we're even within half a block of her ice cream cart.

And she has the most delectable, non-chocolate (and thus not quite as bad for doggies) flavors. Imagine Coconut ice cream...or Banana Wafer....or even....PEANUT BUTTER!!!!

I used to just get a taste on a little sampling spoon, but now she gives me a sample on a GIANT spoon...

Can you see how over-the-moon happy this makes me??? My tail nearly wagged right off.

AROOOOO! What!? A bit more for the cameras? (Note to Mommy: bring the camera with us on EVERY walk from now on.)

She even holds the spoon patiently so I can get every last molecule of deliciousness off the spoon.
I can't even begin to describe how perfect this ice cream is -- it's handmade daily and absolutely scrumptious. Mommy even buys a cup now and then to share with me. (Although I have to wait until she's done with her portion - she won't share a spoon with me, spoilsport.)

Just look what a good job I did - you could put that spoon back on the shelf!

Thank you so much, sweet and lovely Cafe Cluny Ice Cream lady! You are my favorite 2-legged (although don't share that with those nice fellows at Focaccia Restaurant who hand-feed me fresh focaccia when we go by...). Better amend that - you're my favorite 2-legged of the female variety!!!

Now - file this next photo under "Exactly how stupid are humans?" This sign was recently posted at the playground nearby. Can you smell a lawsuit? Gee - things get hot in the sun, who knew?

Even an ice-cream obsessed Cairn terrier knows that!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mica Monday - at last!

Can you spot the cat in this photo? (And by cat, of course I mean me, Mica!)

Can you find me now??? (By the way, Asta's dad found that cane for Mommy when she hurt her ankle last summer and now it is the perfect thing for retrieving Petey's favorite rubber or tennis balls from under the day bed.)

Here's comes Petey to point the way. Geez, can't a fella have a moment of privacy? Archie and Agatha have their bunkers, I have my fort with a view out the window.

See how cozy I am! And best of all, half the time Mom and Petey don't know I'm there so it's nice and quiet.

I can admire my collection of photos...

I can even scratch my chin on that funny hand if Mommy's not available.

Oh well, my cover is blown. Might as well get up!

Aren't I fine-looking fella for 19 1/2 years old???

Hmmm, now that it's nighttime and everyone has gone to bed, it's time for me to go walk all over Mommy and Petey and knock things off the dresser until they wake up and get me a nice glass of water. That bowl of water on the floor simply won't do!

Happy Mica Monday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Island Hopping...

So, this was me on my walk this morning...running for miles on flat open beach, finding hapless humans to throw the ball for me endlessly, stopping to cool off my belly in the water....

And this is me this evening...running around on 4,000 sq. ft. of asphalt, finding hapless humans to throw the ball for me endlessly, and stopping to cool off my belly in the water!

I'm happy no matter what island I'm on!

Here are a few more vacation snapshots... Here I am taking a break down at Harbourtown.

I checked out this yacht for me and Rosie...then we could sail back and forth between the US and Scotland...
Maybe I'll climb this tower and send her a message in morse code!

This is my new friend Brownie. He's a Chiuhorkie! A chiuhuahua/Yorkshire Terrier mix. We met on the beach one morning and got to be friends, then we met up three more days. He lives in Atlanta, but his Mom and Dad met on the Island the same time Mommy was living there when she got out of college two hundred years ago. All of us went out for breakfast one morning after our beach walk and our people discovered that they had lots of friends in common.

Okay, after our morning run on the beach, we're off for a bike ride. Wheeeeee! This is an action shot that Mommy snapped in motion!

Hey! Look where we ended up...visiting an old friend (does my bologna tongue look especially long? It was hot! You should have seen Mommy panting!)

Look! It's my pal Harley, the adorable Clydesdale. He trotted right over to the fence when Mommy called him. He's much better behaved than I am (more about that later.)

Harley's so big - even bigger than Stanley of Gooberstan, if you can believe it — that he leaned over the fence and we gave each other a friendly sniff. Mommy was scrambling to find the camera and missed the moment. Again!

We do have nobel profiles though, don't we?

Now. I have to tell you the big trouble I got into today. Bigger than when Rosie ran away for hours looking for me in Scotland. Since we were flying back to New York today, we went to the beach early, then Mommy let me out on the deck to dry off in the sun. Biggify the photo so you can see me!

She's put a baby gate by the stairs down to the yard so I can't get out. I love it out there - I can bark at anyone going by and keep an eye out for squirrels.

So I've been outside for about 20 minutes when Mommy gets a call from the next door neighbor. She'd just seen me running past their house...headed toward the lagoon. If you look between the trees, you can see how close we are to the lagoon.

Here's a view of our next-door neighbor's house - they are even closer to the lagoon. Mommy tore out of the house without even putting on shoes, calling my name very loudly and urgently...

Because this is who lives in the lagoon!!! And he likes to sunbathe up on the bank, on the same side of the lagoon. Mommy was panicked when she didn't see or hear me. She was afraid that the gator had gobbled me up!!!

Fortunately, she found me hanging out next to the neighbor's house - and no gator in sight. She was VERY mad that I didn't come when she called me and she scooped me up and carried me home. I knew she was very upset and VERY MAD at me. I was a very bad boy. I was planning to come when she called me...just not right away.

I promised that I'd only go see this alligator on the porch from now on.

So now I'm back in New York and the only alligators around are the ones who live in the sewers, so I guess I'll stay out of trouble...for now!