Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Bermuda holiday continues!

Okay, okay, so we didn't actually LOCK Auntie Bailey in her room. We just provided a bucket of liver snaps and a "Murder She Wrote" marathon on the telly. She was happy to hunker down and let us slip off for a few minutes to enjoy the spectacular sunset...

The next morning, we were up bright and early to see Bermuda from the water on our chartered yacht.  Rosie and I stretched out on the bow, after carefully making sure all her white spots were covered with SPF 30. We brought along my squeaky frog to play with. Truly, we were in paradise!

Then we heard some baying from the bow. It was Auntie Bailey, all worried that we didn't have on our lifejackets. But before she could get her own jacket snugly in place, we heard a big "whoosh" and Auntie Bailey's chaise disappeared with her on it!

Apparently, she'd been sitting on the parasailing bench!

"Goodness gracious!" we heard her bay as her favorite hat went flying off in the breeze...

Then she decided to sit back and enjoy the view. How do you like her Bermuda Pink Sand pawdicure?
Back in Hamilton, I ran into my old pal Snickers. Lacie was off at Trimmingham's, buying a duty-free Waterford water bowl for Asta. Snickers and I had decided to "go native" in our Bermuda shorts, as had his friend Wimsey. We are both New Yorkers, yet had never met.  Wimsey said he was vacationing all alone, which gave Rosie a great idea.

 You see, my Rosie is not only beautiful but brainy as well! "Petey, we'll never get some time to ourselves unless we can get Auntie Bailey on a new scent...let's introduce her to Wimsey!"

And suddenly Auntie Bailey was off on a whirlwind romance of her own! Careful of the Birdcage, Wimsey! Good thing the bobby is stopping traffic. (You'll see we were able to fish Auntie B's hat out of the sea!)

The two of them headed off towards Dockyards to tour the old fort and have lunch at the Frog & Onion pub. (It's owned by a Frenchman--the Frog-- and a Bermudian-- the Onion.)

We met up with Lacie and Scruffy and Wimsey and Auntie Bailey at a colorful Gombey parade. We loved the lively music and bright costumes so we all joined in with the dancers and singers!

As the day drew to a close, the three couples all drifted off in different directions.

This left Rosie and I on our own to have a final romantic dinner overlooking the beach. I have no idea how the spiny lobster tasted...I was too captivated by Rosie in her evening dress and tiara bedecked with heather.

We heard the unmistakably sound of dog-snogging and were astonished to see Auntie Bailey and Wimsey sharing a slobbery smooch at the next table. Is this a Love Connection? Or does what happens on Bermuda stay on Bermuda?

And for those of you who were wondering who was mixing those potent cocktails, the sound of a whirring blender should give you a clue. Lacie even generously shared her secret recipe for the Lacipolitan with bartenders across the Island.

Our beautiful and fun-filled weekend was coming to a close way too quickly. As a Bermuda longtail flew overhead, we walked through the Moongate. Legend has it that young lovers who walk through the Moongate are blessed with good luck. 

All I know is, with Rosie Posey by my side, I'm the luckiest fella in the world!

Over the moon in Bermuda

Welcome to beautiful Bermuda! I met Rosie at the airport with some tropical flowers that she tucked behind her ear. She couldn't have been lovelier. 

Accompanying Rosie was her Scottish Auntie Bailey, who had taken it upon herself to act as Rosie's chaperone.  I welcomed her to the Island with a local tradition—a potent Dark 'N Stormy (ginger beer and a liberal dose of Bermuda Black Rum!)
Soon everyone was relaxed and we headed to our gorgeous accommodations, right over the clear blue water! The walls of these cottages are made out of a weatherproof sailcloth so inside, it's almost like being in a tent. Auntie Bailey didn't leave us out of her sight for a moment.

Inside our cottage, there was a glass panel in the floor where you could watch tropical fish swim by. Imagine our surprise when we saw Auntie Bailey dog-paddling past and waving up at us!

Finally, her fourth Dark & Stormy kicked in while we were at the beach and Rosie and I were able to enjoy a good romp in the squeaky pale pink sand.

We left Auntie Bailey snoring gently under a palm tree and tried our paws at scuba diving. It was amazing...and not a catfish in sight!

After drying off, we decided to do some sight-seeing, as Bermuda is filled with interesting, historic spots. We were wandering through the quaint streets of St. George and who should we run into but Butchy! Apparently, Lacie was in a store, picking out some Bermuda shorts for Scruffy and Baby Stan. 

Butchy and I stopped to pose for a photo together at Duke of Cumberland Lane...

...Then Lacie decided she wanted her photograph taken as well. Who knew this little street had two different names?

We left Lacie and Butchy having a grand time in St. Georges. I do hope one of them had the key.

Rosie and I hopped on our scooters and headed towards the old Bermuda Railway trail. Don't worry about Auntie Bailey, she was all recovered from her long nap and quite safe on her scooter. She just kept yelping at Rosie and I to "slow down!"

Auntie Bailey was nervous on the scooters - she was used to driving on the left side of the road, but I certainly wasn't - and she claimed I was giving her "palpitations." So I suggested we take a romantic carriage ride to the famous Bermuda Perfumery. I filled the carriage with flowers, but what could compare to my stunning Rosie?

As evening was approaching and Auntie Bailey was getting more and more animated, suggesting an early supper and a rousing game of Canasta before tucking in for the night. Instead, I had the carriage take us to the famous Swizzle Inn, the oldest pub on Bermuda...

...and the home of the delicious... and VERY potent...Bermuda Rum Swizzle! Rosie and I slowly sipped our drinks, staring wistfully into each others' big brown eyes.

But it wasn't the sound of the waves roaring behind was Auntie Bailey, out like a light after her 6th Rum Swizzle. She didn't even get to finish the last two she'd ordered. 

We tucked her into her bed, turned out the lights, and LOCKED THE DOOR. Then Rosie and I headed out for our wildly romantic evening in Bermuda...


Friday, February 27, 2009

More birthday...and Bermuda here we come!

Needless to stay, I'm all a-waggling about my trip to Bermuda with my Rosie Posey this weekend.
More about that later. First, I wanted to share some of my birthday celebration with you. My bestest buddy Eric sent this stylish card, featuring his royal self and Otis, the crown cat.

He also sent along this absolutely wonderful vegetable Hedgehog chewy. 

Notice the different carpet? I had to take it into the other room so Mica wouldn't swipe it. It was delicious! 
Just look at all this lovely loot he sent for me and Mica and Mommy. (Why did she get anything? Not her birthday month!)

I also got a package from Toffee and Riley. Check out Toffee's bloggie for the behind-the-scenes story. 

Hmm, is that Chewnel No. 5 that I smell?

Toffee? Are you hiding in this bag? Come out, please!

Sadly, no Toffee. Yet the scent of Chewnel lingers on ...

Mica gave me an awesome marrow bonesicle. It kept me busy for hours. 

And Mommy gave me a gourmet dinner instead of the usual kibble. Then I passed out from a food coma. 

Finally, I got this wonderful card from Scruffy, Baby Stan and Lacie! (Though I think I might wait for the bomb dogs to sniff out this cake before I dig in. I'm just saying, Lacie...) Thank you very much - those tennis ball cupcakes look terrific!

Asta dropped by last night to give me some dating tips.

Then I got down to packing my bag for my romantic weekend in Bermuda with my Rosie.

 Asta helped me pick out these Jimmy Chews for Rosie. I hope she likes them. I brought along some extra tennis balls, my scuba fins, some sunscreen, shades...and my favorite rubber frog! We both packed frogs! (We have so much in common!)

My girl Rosie is so beautiful, I need to wear shades in her presence!

Okay - I'm all packed and ready to go! Just waiting for AireRuby to arrive. (Those are stars in my eyes!)

Rosie Posey, want to share my towel? I left room for you!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's my Barkday! Six in the City!

It's my birthday! Today I am six years old. Don't feel a day over 2.
I'll be posting a longer post later today (Mommy said something about "need to do some work!") with photos of my birthday treats and cards and lovely gifts from Toffee, my best friend Eric's girl and from my bestest pal Eric from all the way across the pee.

But one of the best gifts I could have possibly imagined arrived this morning!
Yes, this is my sweetie Rosie! And she's gone public with our relationship - yipee!!!
Now I just need to convince her that despite my (unsuccessful) appearance on The Bowchelor last summer and a few platonic dates with Lacie (who claims Archie and Butchy as her real boyfriends) and my frequent appearances with Asta (who is the first lady of Gooberstan and who I think of as a kid sister), I am not a playdog...except when it comes to tennis balls.

Who could ask for a better birthday present??? Not me!

Here's a funny card I just got from my pal Asta! I think her BFF Lacie must have had a paw in this, hence I'm taking a bath in a bidet. ("No thanks," and "no thanks!") However, I love the tennis ball birthday cake and chair! And it's probably a good idea to have some O'Drools iced if some of the fellas drop by.

More fun to come!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Scot!

Dear friends, it's time to confess...a lovely Scots lassie has stolen me wee Cairn heart, as sure as that English King Edward made off with Scotland's Stone of Scone. 

Now, as she is a bit shy and a tad fearful of some of the ladies I have recently passed (platonic) time with, she has gone into hiding. So to protect her identity, I convinced her to appear albeit in disguise.

Yes, I am dating outside my breed. However, first and foremost, we are both good Scottish lady friend by virtue of her birth, and me through both my 4- and 2-legged relatives.

You see, my Granny was born in the Priory Lodge of an abbey not far from where my darling girl lives. Her maiden name was MacDonald and she comes from the clan of MacDonald of Glencoe. Mommy's middle name comes from her great-grandmother who was a Grant. 

I particularly like the Grant crest, so I have adapted it as my own...just making some minor modifications like substituting boulders with tennis balls. (Me and my gal both love peeling the skin off them. Sigh....)

Cairn terriers are one of the oldest terrier breeds, originating in the Scottish Highlands, and are recognized as one of Scotland's earliest working dogs. (We used to be called Short-Haired Skye Terriers, until we started entering dog shows then they changed it to Cairn.) White Cairns are West Highland Terriers and Scottish terriers also evolved from Cairns.

So we have quite the pedigree. Here is one of Mommy's favorite illustrations of a Cairn. I think he must have been a long-lost relative of mine as he seems to be the one doing the talking.

"Look Master, we have slain the drear plaid beastie!"

I decided to learn how to play "My Luve is like a red, red Rose" to serenade my sweetie on the bagpipe.

But when I took a deep breath and started to play, it made the most horrifying, yet oddly familiar sound. Where had I heard that shrieking wail before???

And then it came to me! ACK!!!

So I decided to abandon the bagpipe and try something even riskier. 

What do you think?

While I may not have a blue face like Braveheart, I do have a full heart for my lassie. 
And as for the age-old question as to what's under me wee kilt, well, a gentleman never tells!