Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Murray's turning 12 tomorrow!

I just couldn't wait! I wanted to post this Birthday Card for him so he'll see it first thing tomorrow morning when he wakes up. Please go over to Clive's blog and leave some birthday greetings for Murray — just remember, he hates the Happy Birthday song, so come up with something more imaginative...

Who lives in Ireland close to the sea?
Sponge Murray Square Pants!
Has a global collection of bright yellow tees?
Sponge Murray Square Pants!
If you'd like to send him a 12th birthday wish
Sponge Murray Square Pants!
Then drop by for ice cream and cake that's delish!
Sponge Murray Square Pants!
Arrr, arrr, arrooooooooooooo!!!!

op like a fish.
Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Stuff Dreams are Made Of....

This Hugh Hayden Dog Bed is made of recycled tennis balls from the New York Metropolitan area. It is 26" wide and made for small breed dogs up to 25 lbs. (I weigh 21! And I'll cut out the Frosty Paws if I must!). $285.00

Ahhh, sweet dreams!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Visit my pal Nannette's new blog!

Remember last winter when I went to visit my friend Nannette and her dog Lulubelle at their wonderful store Lulu Burgess in Beaufort, SC? Well, guess what? You can now visit Lulu Burgess too on their brand new BLOG!

You can see the cool stuff at the store, practically as soon as it arrives! And if you simply have to have it, you can call Nan at 843-524-LULU or email her at luluburgess@embarqmail.com and she'll give you the prices and send it off to you.

Maybe your Mom might like these really pretty cuff bracelets...(Or if you have a very long skinny neck, they might make interesting collars. Maybe Lorenza could wear one as a belt?)
And who doesn't know someone who needs one of these cool baseball cap? Can you imagine dropping that orange cap in Dad's lap when it's time for a stroll around the neighborhood?

We know our humans admire our canine teeth - so why not let them make dog bite ice cubes? Or if they're fans of Twilight, then this might be the closest thing to a bite from Edward. Perfect for your Halloween party, huh? (If you really want to be gruesome, you could freeze a little cranberry juice in the fangs first, then add water for the rest of the mold!)

Ahhh, this is what happens to me if I gulp my Frosty Paws! Great present to send your favorite brainiac college student though...

If your 2-leggeds are very old, they probably remember Fuzzy Willy! He was a bald guy and you gave him hair and a beard with iron shavings and a magnet on a red stick. Well, check out these plates for finicky eaters! Talk about playing with your food. Apparently, grandparents LOVE these plates because they're guaranteed to get the kids to eat! I wish they made dog plates like these...
I'm fine with just wearing one collar at a time, but Mom apparently likes wearing a whole pet store's worth at once, because she really loves this necklace!

I bet if you tell Nannette that I sent you, she'll even send a delicious dog treat along with your purchase! She's very generous and loves us pups!

If you actually make it to Beaufort, SC, be sure to stop by Lulu Burgess on Bay Street and say hello. Maybe you'll even get a giant snuggly hug like my pal Clive did! Now that's Southern Hospitality!

So what are you waiting for? Pop on over and take a tour of Lulu Burgess!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art on the Street with Pete(y)

Bonjour mes amis! And welcome to Art on the Street with Pete(y). Living here in the West Village, we find that local artists don't always limit themselves to canvases, clay or even art studios. Won't you join me as we pee-ruse the local art scene?

I was attracted to the use of bright colors and smiling faces in this piece. Also, the proximity of the artwork to the curb for leaving my review. If you biggify this photo, you'll see these smiley guys are quite vocal in their political ramblings.

Can you spy me in this photo with the Not-So-Little Tramp? This and the next image are for a real gallery show in the Meatpacking District, just a few blocks from my house and near the dog run. I give this four paws up!

We also really liked this enormous Woody Allen! (We also are very excited about Woody's new film, Midnight in Paris, because frankly, we like anything set in Paris.)

A good reminder...especially when it's on a wall-size mural!

Okay, Mom spotted this scary lady when she was walking home through Soho (after seeing the amazing Tilda Swinton in I Am Love.) I'm glad I missed seeing this sculpture, she's kinda scary. I give it two pees, though I do like how Mom shot it through the security gate. One paw up for Mom's artistic photography with her iPhone.

Back to MePa (the Meatpacking District!) - this fellow has quite the look of the scholar about him - maybe Clive's pal James Joyce? I like the freestyle painting technique as well. Three paws!

Don't know if this fellow was painted by the same artist, but it seems like he/she ran out of room when he got to the top of his head! Still, I'm a sucker for a Roman nose - Two Paws and a tail wag!
I appreciate how the artist incorporated tennis ball yellow into this colorful mural. I think the whole work is elevated by my presence with my omnipresent tennis ball. (Actually, this was a brand-new one called a Tuff Ball that was touted as being "indestructible." HA! Guess they weren't terrier-tested! It did last longer than most...)

Shall we take a closer look? Uh oh. Don't know if I want this fella owning all my dreams!

"My Way" - now that's an artistic message I can relate to!

I think Mister Monopoly was a later addition to this portrait by another "artist" but hey! I like it! I'm always adding my own personal touch to the landscape as well that Mom collects in special orange bags. (Hey! Wait a minute! What are you doing with that work of art? Throwing it in the garbage can?!?)

I guess this fellow got all the forehead that other guy was missing. He's kind of scary but then again, I can't dislike a fellow whose head looks so much like a nice white tennis ball! Two paws up!

I hope you've enjoyed this episode of Art on the Street with Pete(y). I now return you to deepest Manhattan Profonde, where the sunflower fields are filled with Van Gogh beauty. And me.

(Okay, so maybe it's not a "field" exactly but more like a tiny garden on a traffic triangle, but it does continue my parallel life with my pal Wilf!)

A bientot, mes amis!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Petey and Wilf: Parallel Lives?

My Mom is a pretty serious Francophile, who daydreams of living in Paris and calling "Ici Pierre! Et tout suite!" So each morning, we begin our day by reading about the antics of my PONs pal , in deepest France Profound. The more I read his blog, the more I think we live very similar lives. My Mom is half Scottish and one half of his people (Mongoose) are Scottish. We're both shaggy dogs of a beige hue. We live in villages. Okay, so his is in southwestern France and I'm in the southern part of Manhattan in the West Village. But hang on....

Wilf hangs out in his "rickety old farmhouse." Me and Mica hang out in our "rickety old pre-War apartment." Wilf and me share plumbing and contractor problems on a regular basis.

While Wilf begins his day with a walk around 6:30, that's approximately the same time Mica wakes Mom up to get him some fresh water from the sink. She then groggily locks him out of the bedroom ("Where do you think the word 'catapult' came from?") for a bit more sleep.

Later in the morning, we go out to admire the sunflowers. Just like Mongoose and Wilf!

Wilf likes to christen the tyres/tires in his neighborhood. I prefer to leave pee-mails on objects that are less likely to start moving.

Wilf has bountiful fields of wild flowers to sniff. Me too. These bags filled with plants and flowers are actually quite interesting - made of recycled materials and attached to vertical surfaces all over the West Village. You can "adopt" one and care for it, or leave it up to Mother Nature.

Wilf likes to take in the local scene (and occasional snacks) at his nearby farmers' market...me too!
Most of the vendors have treats on hand for dogs and Mom feels guilty not buying something when I'm begging for a cookie. So we end up with more produce than she can ever eat in a week.

Wilf has Mme. Bay and her interesting hairstyles and colors. We've found just the place for her next Manhattan makeover.

Living in France, Wilf enjoys the delicate scent of lavender wafting on the breeze. Okay, so I have to go over to the florist, but same thing. (Although I bet Wilf is allowed to water his lavender plants.)

In Wilf's village, there is much excitement about pottery. Here we have a store that only sells these little glass pots.

Wilf's village is filled with centuries-old cafes and bistros. We have the White Horse Tavern, a whopping 130 years old. (Although Wilf is welcomed at his local cafe and the tavern has about a 100 signs up declaring "NO DOGS ALLOWED.") Sidenote: the White Horse Tavern is also known as the last place Dylan Thomas drank before returning home, growing ill and dying a few days later. Really says something about the food and drink of the establishment, huh?

Wilf can find all sorts of delicious French cuisine in his village. Me too! There's Pastis, Paris Commune, La Recette, The New French, and La Ripaille...

...this new restaurant Bistro De Le Gare. Let's take a closer look at the menu and see if there are any of Wilf's favorites to be had...

Hmmm, wait a minute! Chile Rellenos! Corned Beef Hash! Tamales!!!! Apparently they consulted Mme. Bay when they were creating their authentic French menu...

Here's where we go for croissants and bagettes—just like Wilf.

And I can even get my hair tousled by patrons on the benches outside as I enjoy a drink.
(Unfortunately, no early morning absinthe drinkers in the Village, though there is the odd homeless man sleeping off in a corner in the park, bottle clutched to his chest like a child's Teddy bear and a blissed out smile on his face.)

Another fine French establishment. I particularly like walking past this restaurant and scooping up any errant french fries that have fallen off the tables or stray pieces of bacon!

At the newsstand, I can catch up on the latest in French couture, just like Wilf.

We even have our own endearing characters, like Mohammed and Ali who run the magazine store. (It's called Casa des Magazines but I'm campaigning to change it to Maison des Magazines.) This is Ali. He lets me hang out behind the counter and feeds me bits of his breakfast croissants while Mom buys her 100th magazine of the week. Ali is like the mayor of the Village - he knows everyone and everything that's going on.

Wilf is cautiously friendly with the Village cat and I'm trying to befriend Tiger, the kitten who lives at the bodega on the Corner. She's little and she never hisses at me, but I get kinda shy around her. She was sound asleep on a stack of Poland Spring bottles - who says cats are afraid of water?

Wilf has a Village Frog Pond. I have the Village Dog Pond.

Still more sunflowers growing in the West Village. These are planted along Jane Street and haven't quite come into bloom yet.

I'd say another week, would you agree, Wilf?

I even have some baby sunflowers practically outside my front door! Just like Wilf!

And if you needed any more proof that we are living parallel lives, take a look at this building to the north of us!

So what do you think? Is the West Village just about exactly the same as a charming village in the Western part of France?

Okay - so I guess they don't have alligators in the sewers like we do. Vive la difference!