Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving leftovers...

Ahhh, it's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm in a serious turkey coma. Mommy gave me and Mica our own "Thanksgiving Dinner" dogfood and catfood. It was delicious!

Here are some photos from the parade yesterday. It was a perfect day for a parade - not too cold, not too warm (you move pretty quickly for 3.5 miles) and not a drop of rain!

This was the New York City float with the cast of "Hair" aboard, singing "Aquarius."

Here's Mommy and Jazz's Mommy. Don't you love their fancy footwear, now available on the 7th floor at Macy's.

This was the brand new Keith Haring-inspired balloon. It's very cool that Macy's encourage contemporary artists to create (or in this case, inspire) balloons. This one was beautiful. 

Hey, wait a minute! I'm a balloon! Playing with this gigantic St. Bernard as we chase a 4-story wide baseball down Central Park West! Wheeeeee! (I'm big enough to pee on an entire tree!)

Here's a screencap of Mommy from the broadcast!!! Clown costumes aren't all that flattering, especially when you're wearing another pair of pants, a tee-shirt, a fleece-shirt, a padded-fleece vest packed with a camera and a cellphone and another turtleneck over it!  Mommy was a sweaty mess. But fortunately her bad ankle didn't hurt very much, even when she had to run on it for a couple of blocks. It was great fun! And now...the holiday season has officially begun!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Turkey Day—Let's Have a Parade!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, one of our very favorite holidays!!! (And not just because of all the delicious things to eat...)
Thanksgiving starts early at our house - at 5:30 in the morning! That's because for the 6th year,  Mommy will be a clown in the 82nd Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!

We thought we'd give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour... This is Mommy and Jazz's Mom at the parade two years ago. It was freezing cold and rainy - but you can't tell from their expressions. The longest running show on Broadway must go on!

Everyone in the parade meets up at a hotel near Macy's. There the ballroom is filled with racks of colorful costumes and props. (This year, Mommy will be a Jester clown.) Once you get into your costume-- with layers of thermal undies and tee-shirts underneath!-- it's off to makeup.

The Makeup Room is in another ballroom where there are literally hundreds of makeup artists on hand to give you the appropriate makeup for your costume. We have "Auguste" clownfaces.

Then we all pile onto buses to go up to the Museum of Natural History, where the parade begins up on Central Park West. There are characters, balloon ranglers and clowns galore - it's great fun to pull up at streetlights and wave to people in regular city buses - surprise!!!

Once we get to the Parade, we have to make our way to "Clown Corner," past all the balloons and floats.  Here are some of Mommy's favorite photos.

One year she was with the Funny Farm clowns as an ear of corn! It was her perfect excuse to make "corny" jokes - "What? I can't EAR you!"

This was Mommy's very first parade - she was a pregnant bridesmaid clown! It was 22-degrees but she was having so much fun, she didn't even feel the cold!

This balloon was created by the artist Jeff Koons. It was gorgeous and reflected all the clouds and trees and colors. We hope it's in the parade again - truly a work of art!

Last year, Mommy and Jazz's Mommy were Explorer clowns. The weather was warm and sunny but our costumes were pretty awful! We said we were Banana Republicans. That's when we decided - good costumes=awful weather; terrible costumes=great weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but cool...what do you think they'll come up with for us as Jesters???

It's the end of the parade. We're arrived back at the hotel where it all began. Time to pose for final photos with kids along the parade route (they've been waiting to see us for a LONG time!) Then inside the hotel to take off the smeary makeup with babywipes, hang up our costumes (you should see the dumpster-size bin just filled with fuzzy neon-colored wigs!) and turn back into civilians.
We slip back into the crowds, unrecognizable from just minutes before. Then hop a cab to go tuck into a delicious brunch and watch the parade on TV. Hey! We were just IN that parade. 

So even if you don't recognize Mommy waving at you in the parade tomorrow, know that Mommy, Mica and me all wish you a very healthy, Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful, fun-filled holiday season!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Burgers in the Apple

As you all know, Asta's Mommi is having a big birthday bash tonight here in New York. Lacie, Scruffy and Baby Stan's Mumsie is one of the honored guests, so the terriers decided to sneak along and stay at my place. Then they're going to surprise everyone at the party tonight!

Friday night was a bit chilly, but pretty and clear, so Asta and I took the out-of-towners to the famous ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center.
We would have stayed there longer, but Scruffy decided to write his name on the ice and we got kicked out. Fortunately, I was able to talk him out of writing "For a good time, call Lacie at 1-800-FoxyLaky."

This morning, the Pittsburghers woke up and after a hearty breakfast, we headed out on the town for a day of shopping and sprucing up for the big party. (Asta couldn't join us as she was out catching salmon and moose to make some fancy dish for the party! How very Sarah Palin of her!)

Baby Stan and Scruffy hadn't the slightest idea of what to wear, so we stopped at a posh boutique for them to try on some duds.

Afterwards, I took Stanley to a classic Barbershop for a straight-razor shave and some beard grooming. He had a whole bullystick hidden in that beard, which he promptly wrapped in some bacon he had in his pocket ("for emergencies") and devoured it!

Scruffy indulged his untapped Metrosexualterrier self and had his very first manicure. "Short and square-dog shaped, please, with one coat of clear polish!" He had a very hard time waiting for his polish to dry before he could scratch behind his ear.

Lacie told me that she'd always wanted a sophisticated haircut from a posh New York salon. I knew just the place! Supermodel Naomi Campbulldog is a client here and if they can put up with her cellphone throwing, I knew they could please Lacie!

Doesn't she look completely different after her Japanese hair-straightening treatment and subtle low lights???
I told her it made her legs look longer, too. 

While they were getting all spruced up, I went in for my final fitting of my bespoke suit. Eric was right! English tailoring can make you look so much taller and slimmer. Apparently, David Beckham is really a roly-poly fellow whose only 5'4" tall! It's all in the cut of the suit!

Okay, I think we're almost ready for the party! You'll just have to check back later in the week to see us in all our finery! Have a great weekend (and an awesome party Asta's Mommi!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Too tired... blog. Maybe later in the week. Mica's teaching me all sorts of good catnap positions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aha! Now we know....

...why everywhere we went whilst in England last month, people kept referring to Lacie as "Hattie."

Hattie/Lacie, whatever your REAL name is, I think it's a brilliant idea that you wear a high-vis vest at all times! Knowing your proclivity for all things Italian these days, we'll have it designed by Poochi! 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pawty like a Rock Star!

So my bestest buddy Eric was hobnobbing on the high street, looking for more fancy footwear at Selfridges when he ran into Mrs. Victoria Beckham —Posh Spice herself! He almost flipped his wig when she cornered him by the baby soc—errr—dog knit footwear rack and started blabbering on and on how she's heard he was good friends with me and if it wasn't too much trouble, would he be so kind as to get me to pawtograph this photo for her?

"To Posh, 
Lotsa licks!

Your love pup, 

Later that evening, Eric was taking in Madonna's concert (Posh slipped him some VIP tickets to thank him for getting my pawtograph) and just before the final chorus of "Into the Groove," an usher ran up with a backstage pass, telling him that Madonna insisted he come backstage immediately after the concert.

Then she started singing, but the words didn't sound quite right:

(To the tune of "Like a Prayer")

"When I call your name, Petey my Cairn terrier,
I'm down on my knees, the ball rolled under there.
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power
As you tug the leash, to pee upon the flower."

When Eric went backstage after the concert, he was shocked that all Madge wanted to do was find out all about me. 

"After she changed out of her costume and came out in this tee-shirt," said Eric, "I realized that Guy Ritchie had been barking up the wrong tree suspecting Madonna was involved with A-Rod.

"It was more like 'A-Dog' — Petey, to be precise." 

I was shocked. Shocked I tell you when Eric rang me up with this news. Who knew I'd become an international sex symbol among the 2-leggeds?

Then some friends here in the Village held another Adoption Day for the North Shore Animal Rescue. Who should show up but Angelina Jolie! (The lady can't pass up an adoption, apparently!)

When they told her it was adoptions for dogs and cats, not children she said, "I'm here for Petey. He rocks a fauxhawk even better than Maddox. Brad's changed his last name to Pittbull, but it doesn't matter—I simply must have Petey."

She was heartbroken when she heard I already had a home and wasn't looking to be adopted. (I sure hope she pulled her pants back up before she headed to the airport on the bus.)

Then yesterday morning, I was going out for my usual constitutional when I spotted this across the street!

Had I become the George Clooney of canines overnight? I ran home to call Eric to tell him all about this latest turn of events, when I was stopped in my tracks in Times Square!

It was ERIC! The royal Square Dog taking up a whole six stories in the world's crossroads. Cars were screeching to a halt as fans ran into the streets to genuflect in front of his image!

Later that day, Giselle Bundchen made headlines when she insisted the catwalk be changed to the dogwalk as she strutted in her custom-made Eric dress... Bow wowsa!

Busloads of people lined up for hours to see the latest installation at the Metropawlitan Museum of Art.  They tossed the Mona Lisa in the trash to replace it with this:

Yes, indeed. Eric has taken America by storm—far exceeding my celebrity fanbase.  I knew I was yesterday's news when I finally saw this! 

With King Eric on the currency, maybe the dollar will FINALLY catch up to the pound now! (Or will it now be called the Dog Pound?)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update on the Poker game....

So I swung by Lacie, Scruffy and BabyStan's place to drop off some grub. And decided to sit in on a few hands of BlackLab Jack. Well, all I can say is it's a good thing that my Bark Obama tee was at home because very quickly I was losing my shirt!

Then I took a better look at the poker chips....

Hmmm, that doesn't seem quite right. Is Lacie skimming some profits off the house? (Well, it is HER house after all.) 

Then I looked more carefully at the cards... hey wait a darn minute - that's BABY STAN!

And of course Scruffy would be the King of Hearts (although I don't know about that sword through his head? Maybe he had an itchy ear...)

Of course the biggest flirt on the entire Blogosphere was the Queen of Hearts (or should that be broken hearts? Although checking the empty wallets of the other players, maybe it's just BROKE hearts!)

I called the Card Girl over and asked for a fresh pack!
Hey! It's Asta! And she'd been reduced to wearing a just a playing card after an unsuccessful round (well, it depends on who you ask about it...) of Strip Poker. Hope Stanley doesn't hear about that... Tanner, you may want to wait awhile before you start wearing Asta's clothes...just a suggestion.

So who WAS the big winner? The cool cat behind the mountain of Lacie-embossed chips? None other than that Italian  hep cat, Opus, Lacie's most recent victi—err—boyfriend. Coincidence?

I think not. Something smells fishy about this poker party and it ain't Opus's mackerel kibble!

I'm just saying!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In remembrance...

In honor of Mommy's grandfather, who was a soldier in the Scots Guard in WWI (his regiment wore hats like these, but with a black cockade to recognize the Scots Guard) and in memory of our dear friend Girl Girl, who was a soldier for international friendship, we'd like to post this photo of Eric's today as a Veterans Day tribute.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ANTM- America's Next Terrier Model!

So Mommy and I are walking up on 8th Avenue the other day, when she peeks into the window of the newly opened West Village Veterinary Hospital and recognizes a familiar face...

Hey! I recognize that handsome fella looking back at us!

Do you know this sexy guy in his boudoir shot???

We went in and looked around the corner, and look who we spied...(Pssst! It's that guy in the upper lefthand corner...)

Yeah, you know that smile!

We also spied these three happy wires...they're Asta's predecessors...Nick, Nora and Charlie. (I don't know if I got them in the right order, but Asta will correct me.)

These were all shot by our good friend Tracey. Aren't they wonderful photos? Ahhh, and just when I thought I'd retired from modeling. I wonder if Tyra Banks will walk by and "discover" me?


No long post today - we've stayed up too late. But we can't wait to wake up to a beautiful new day tomorrow. We are so proud to be Americans.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A tennis ball in every pot!

I went down to SoHo with Mommy today and we saw these signs in a store window!

There's no excuse for not voting. Less than 100 years ago, women who protested that they didn't have the vote were arrested and beaten almost to death. So play hooky, skip the gym, order dinner in rather than go to the store...and high-tail it to the polls!

And hopefully, on Wednesday morning, we'll be doing exactly this!

We saw this sign as well. It's kind of hard to read but it says "Let the issues be the issue." Amen to that.

So from Petey and Mica -- Happy Election Day! (And to paraphrase Sarah Pallin "Say you can throw, Joe!")