Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just waiting for the ball to drop....

...I'm ready to catch it! Happy New Year everybody!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A message from our Mommy

Hi Everyone!

In the past few weeks (and months), I've been honored to meet several of the two-legged representatives of our beloved furry companions. And I say "honored" because to a one, it has been a privilege. The warmth, generosity of spirit and hospitality and genuine care for one another has so far exceeded what I believed I'd experience when I decided to start this blog last summer. 

More than just daily routines and crazy adventures, we have each pulled back the curtain on our lives and made ourselves more open to learning and understanding more about each other, all over the world. And then to actually meet the people behind the blogs—well, it's just extraordinary. 

Through these blogs and our relationships with each other, I think we are getting much closer to a wish of my minister's...."May I be the person that my dog (cat) thinks I am."

Happy holidays to everyone, 2- and 4-leggeds alike. And thank you again for being such incredible people and pets. 

Jane, Petey and Mica

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why can't I go too?

I don't get it.
I can fit in just fine. Okay, so it might be a bit tight but still...

Why can't I go to Paris, too? Je suis une bon(n)e chien!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Vicky and Davy Squaredog come to New York!

True to his word, my bestest best pal Eric managed to squeeze himself into his Mommy's handbag to make the trip to New York!

It was indeed a bit cramped in there, so his Daddy rescued him a few hours into the flight so he could stretch out and have a bit of legroom.

Unfortunately, when Eric's 2-leggeds (they told us to call them Davy and Vicky...real down-to-earth folks!) arrived at their hotel, they discovered not all their luggage had made it! It's a good thing Eric tucked his coat into Mommy's handbag at the last minute. 

After finding some proper togs for Vicky, we headed out to a fashion show. From left to right you'll see Asta and her Mommi, my Mommy and me, and Vicky and Eric. I don't know why they call it a catwalk though, as there was no sign of Mica or Otis....

After a plate of Snausages and a couple of O'Drools, we headed over to Central Park with Eric's Daddy Davy to play a little ball. It was only 16-degrees out with the windchill, yet Davy didn't seem to mind wearing shorts as he played with us.

The thousands of ladies (and a few gents) who stood screaming on the sidelines and throwing their panties at him didn't seem to mind his attire either...

He did seem to get a little hot-headed though when I wouldn't drop the ball. Jeez!
Over dinner, Eric shared some photos of his Square House. This isn't where his 2-leggeds live. Just Eric. Otis has his own place too, with more trees to scratch and a sandbox instead of a swimming pool. 
We had a great time with Eric, Davy and Vicky. Before they left, they gave us this photo of them with the Zoomer taken this summer near the White Cliffs of Dover. Apparently, the White Cliffs have gotten a bit dingy, so we sent them back with some Oxy-Clean.

Now on to France to meet Tom, Sen-Chan and Tama-Chan and their Mom!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have a great idea! (Just don't tell Mom!)

As you know, Mommy's leaving us next week to go to France (and meet OUR friends!)
So Ruby and I came up with a great idea.
While Mom's away, the terrier will play! Let's charter Air Ruby to fly around the world and see all our friends' decorations for the holidays!

Lorenza's tree in Mexico, Bae-Bae's festivities in Singapore—and you know Amber-Mae won't disappoint us! We can sniff the Buche Noel (it's not THAT kind of tree, Joey!) with Tom and Vivi in France, go on a sleigh ride in New England with Maggie and Mitch, string cranberries with Toffee and Riley! (And let's not forget the mistletoe, ERIC!)

Then once we've made like Santa and circled the globe, we can come back to my house and have a big PARTY! 

"Just take those old records off the shelf...."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

International 2-legged Exchange

Okay, this is a bit complicated, so please pay close attention. 

First off, Eric and Otis are sending their 2-leggeds to New York as their UK ambassadors to meet with me and Mica.

Here they are discussing whether anyone in America will know how to make a proper cuppa Rosie Lee. (That's Cockney rhyming slang for "a cup of tea." Since our Granny is from Scotland, Mommy has grown up well-versed in the power of the kettle.)

Mica and I simply cannot understand why Otis and my bestest best friend Eric can't come too.

Then Mommy told us that she's going to Paris next week. Oh boy, we thought! The land of French Fries and steak and cheese and pate! Meowlala! Bowlalala! See? We can speak French.

But we were mistaken. We're staying here in NYC. Only Mommy is going to France.  But guess who she's going to see there?

Tom and Tama-chan the little Aby princess!

And that handsome red fellow, Sen-chan of La Poupounette!  

She may even get to meet Vivi...

And the rest of the AbClan!

Now I ask this fair? We do all the hard work of creating these fabulous blogs and yet do we get to meet? No! Instead, our 2-leggeds go traipsing all over the globe, leaving us with surrogate care-givers or worse - sending us to Pet Jail (they call it "the kennel" to soothe their guilt). And what do we get in return? A whiff of one of our friends on a cuff or a collar. Next time, let's put them in jail and we'll all head off to the airport. 

A very important Public Service Announcement from Petey
Please look at the box to the right of my bloggie called "Let's Say Thanks!" This is sponsored by Xerox and you can click on it to send a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan a customized Christmas Card that will arrive before the holidays. It's quick, it's free and we think it's great and EVERYBLOGGIE should do it. Okay? If you can't click through the box, go to  We promise it will move your name off the Naughty List.

Monday, December 1, 2008

May the wonders of the season...

...surprise you with a child-like awe. 
Happy Holidays! 
Love, Petey