Friday, July 30, 2010

Paws crossed for my buddy Clive

You may have read on Clive's blog that he was up all night earlier this week feeling poorly. Well, his Mum reports that the vet has diagnosed a respiratory infection. He got some medicine, a home-cooked chicken and rice dinner and is feeling a little better which makes me and NSLM feel a lot better as well. Go pop over and wish him well!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I miss my Irish pals!

Well, Clive & Co. (including the gorgeous Sorcha) have now returned to cool and rainy Ireland, leaving behind hot and steamy South Carolina and just as hot and even steamier New York (although the rain last night really improved our weather conditions!) We don't have too many photos of me and Clive together in New York, mostly because it started to rain and I can't go into as many places as Clive because I'm just a leisurely type, not a hard-working dog! Look! He even made it up on the "no dogs allowed" High Line Park to pose for this AWESOME photo with NSLM.

So Mom had a great time "playing tourist" -- visiting the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Times Square and beyond! Keep your eyes peeled for hundreds of photos of their adventures on Clive's blog...

We can't wait for the whole family to come visit us again—and the sooner the better!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mica's Supermodel Monday

Check it out! My catbro Mica is a supermodel once again! Remember those photos that were taken of me and Mica for the West Village veterinary? Well, another bedroom shot of Mica from that photoshoot is now hanging inside Beasty Feast! My favorite store in the whole world.

Here I am posing under Mica's photo. It was also a great day because they were having an Ice Cream Social at Beasty Feast and I got a whole cup of delicious peanut butter frozen treat PLUS a whole bunch of cookies!) Okay, back to Mica.

Doesn't he look sweet and angelic in this photo? You'd never guess he regularly wakes us up at 5:00 am to have some water from the bathroom faucet (despite the BOWL of water on the counter for his Highness...)
So how is the senior supermodel catwalker celebrating his big comeback?

With some beauty sleep, natch!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs (With Blogs!) at Sea!

"New York, New York—it's a hell of a town!
We've got one day here, and not another minute,
To see the famous sights,
We'll find the romance and danger waiting in it,
Beneath the Broadway lights.
But we've got hair on our chests (yes, Asta, too!)
So what we like best are the nights.
Sights, lights, nights.
New York, New York—a hell of a town!"

This is the song that me and Duffy and Asta sang to welcome our DWB visitors from all over the globe to our town, New York, New York! The city so nice, they named it twice!

While the big party was at Asta's on Thursday, we kicked it off with a little get-together at my place so everyone could say hello to Mica. Then the DWBers headed off to dinner and then on to Chelsea Piers for a wonderful moonlit cruise on an 80' schooner!

Monty, Molly and Taffy's Mum came all the way across the big pee from England for the party! And yes, that's Mumsie peeking between Asta's Daddi and Mommi. Next is Stella and Stanley's servant.

It had rained off and on most of the day, but by the time the evening rolled around, it was dry and cloudy. Just beautiful!

It was still a bit misty so the lights of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building were soft and romantic.

Here's Duffy's pretty Mom!

We had a keg of Coke Zero stowed below decks for Mumsie. After all, it was a 2 1/2 hour cruise!

More members of the British Royal Family - King Simba and Princess Jazzi's NSFFM (and their brother came too, but he's not in the photo!)

The DWB Founders, Brooke and Greg were the reason for the celebration! Their first ever trip to New York! (We're certain it won't be their last!) Plus Lola, Sherman and Penny's—The Dogs of Jackman Avenue—two-legged!

Hey! It's AireRuby's CEO! With the leader of the Brat Pack!

We were really sailing - just wind power - on the Hudson, down by Battery Park, past Ellis Island, all the way to the Statue of Liberty!

We got really close to her! Even closer than this blurry photo would have you believe!

Three lovely ladies - Sophie Brador's roommate, Duffy's Mom and Lady Liberty!

(Fortunately, I checked the bow before we left the docks and Lacie was NOT along to wreck havoc! No doubt she was on a conference call with Stella and Asta, preparing for the party the next day!
Hope all of our Dogs With Blogs are either enjoying their extended time in our wonderful hometown or safely on their way home with suitcases filled with fun memories of our time together!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update! Clive recognized in Beaufort, SC!

Well, my buddies Clive & Co. are still vacationing down in South Carolina while I'm sitting her in the rain in New York, waiting for the DWB convention to begin tomorrow!

Anyhow, we got a text message from NSLM's Mummy that they'd just arrived in beautiful and historic Beaufort, SC for a visit. (Film lovers may recognize Beaufort from The Big Chill, The Prince of Tides - read the book, says Mom - The Great Santini, and of course, Forrest Gump!

My good friend Lulubelle lives there too. Remember? I visited her and went to her Mom Nannette's awesome store Lulu Burgess over the winter. WELL...Mom calls Nannette (isn't that just the greatest name?) and tells her to be on the lookout for Clive & Co and Nannette replies "Wait a minute! I think I just saw them getting out of their car about half a block from my house!" and proceeds to describe the family and "the most adorable Goldendoodle!" Yep! It was them!

Everywhere he goes, people just seem to recognize Clive. Did you all have any idea he was quite so famous??? Don't think nearly as many people would recognize me in Ireland!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Beach Boys...Petey and Clive's big adventure!

Hey there! It's me and Clive again.

Okay, so I'm back in New York, hanging out at the dog run and hitting up the Cafe Cluny ice cream lady for free samples and Clive's winning over fans on Hilton Head, but we wanted to share our few days together with you.

So Clive...where shall we begin?

Well, after our breakfast with the Irish waitress who knew Clive from her school days in Cork, Clive & Co. walked around Harbourtown. (I was home on the phone, confirming evening plans...) Clive even got to romp on the little rocky beach on the Calibogue Sound with a black lab from Georgia. (Let me tell you, when he's wearing his vest, he's all business. But when it's time off, the fella is a PARTY ANIMAL!)

NSLM tried out the treehouse at the playground in Harbourtown and demonstrated his royal wave to the adoring crowds.
Then they came back and we all headed out to Hardeeville. And not Hardeeharharville, either.

You see, after arriving in Savannah the night before, following a long day of a transatlantic flight, an airport transfer, and a second flight, Clive & Co. finally got their SUV rental car and headed to Hilton Head. Being out of his work togs, with that scent of magnolia in his wind-blown hair, well, Clive encouraged Dad to drive a little faster than he should. Not a good thing in South Carolina...the highway patrol stopped them for speeding and threatened to arrest Dad (!!!!) because he was from outside the country and could skip out of the ticket. After a few frantic conversations between NSLM's Mom, my Mom, and a friendly local Judge who just happens to be Mom's lawyer, the cops agreed to take the handcuffs off Dad (!!!!!!!) and take his passport for collateral that he would indeed return to Hardeeville to pay his traffic fine. Phew!
Disaster averted! (Well, except to Dad's wallet!)

So anyhow, we all headed out to Hardeeville, me and Clive included in case we needed to argue with any police dogs. On the way back, we swung through Bluffton, a funky/artsy small town with some great old Southern homes and a wonderful Farmer's Market on Thursday afternoons.

NSLM's Mom took these magazine-worthy photos of all of this locally grown produce. Just look at these ruby red 'maters...

...and did you know that South Carolina actually produces more peaches each year than Georgia?

Even the chocolate sunflowers looked good enough to eat!

Hmmm, did you know that fried shrimp tails are simply scrumptious? Clive and I both tried this new delicacy — hope it doesn't turn our blonde coats pink like flamingos!

Hmmm, the Gullah ladies had some interesting fare that day. Clive and I thought Steamed Pig Feet might be worth a nibble—Sorcha wasn't so keen.

It was hot, hot, hot (but still not as hot as New York that day) so we all headed over to a little cafe/tea room called The Cottage and sat on the porch, drank cool drinks and since we decided we'd sweated out all the toxins and calories in our bodies, we indulged in some Southern sweets.

How'dya like this Bourbon Pecan Pie? Mom and NSLM's Mom shared it and it was delish!

Clive and I stretched out on the nice cool tiles when we got back home. Ahhh, nothing better on your hot paws and belly, am I right Clive? By the way, Clive and I got along great from the first sniff. Mom was afraid I might be possessive of my toys but guess what? Clive didn't pay any attention to my toys. And better still, he brought me some new ones! (And some fabulous presents for Mom, too. Awesome!)

"Clive, I'm still hot, how about you? What say we split the last peanut butter Frosty Paws?"
As I said above, Clive is a swell guy, but I was a bit taken aback when he ate his half of the ice cream in a single gulp. I snuck mine into the dining room, just so I wouldn't get brain-freeze eating it too fast.

Soon we were left alone again while Mom and Clive & Co headed out on a private catamaran charter to spy some dolphins.

NSLM even saw some right by the dock as we were waiting to go aboard!

Soon we were heading out of the marina, with a cool breeze and loads of dolphins all around us.

("Ahhh, I wish the lovely Sorcha would look at me like this..." — Petey)

NSLM helped Captain Bob pull up the main sheet and voila! We were under sail power!

Now, NSLM's Dad and Sorcha have been known to be not-so-great sailors in the past, but this evening, the breeze was fresh and the Sound was calm—no tummy-rocking swells. Sorcha and NSLM got to sit up on the trampoline for a better view of the dolphins.

Just look how relaxed NSLM's Dad looks! That's our friends' other boat, the Pau Hana, sailing past us.
Ahhh, how cute is NSLM with his sweet smile and the sun setting over Daufuskie Island behind him???

Boy, do they look like they're having fun or what? And without me and Clive! The nerve!

Isn't this a beautiful photo of the Pau Hana? Our pal Jeanne was onboard, taking photos of us as we passed by!

So, you may be asking, what were we non-Seadogs doing while our 2-leggeds were sailing the high seas?

"Okay, Clive. They're gone. Let's get off this cold, hard tile floor..."

"...this is SOOOO much more comfortable! Now Clive, can I offer you a nice chilled rose or would you prefer a wee dram of Irish whisky?"

The next morning, our 2-leggeds packed up towels, chairs, umbrellas and every number of SPF from 20 to 100 and headed to the beach. Clive and I stayed home in the cool air conditioning and I taught him how to order stuff on eBay.

Then later in the afternoon, once it started to cool down a bit, we headed to the beach. On the way, we had to stop for some alligator wrestling.

Hee hee! Look at Clive, doing his imitation of the alligator's big snappy jaws. (Or maybe he was imitating Lacey? Hard to tell the difference...)

Even NSLM hopped on that snappy gator and showed him who's boss!

Then Clive and I took this wonderful photo of the whole family!

Now you may be thinking that Clive is the only hard-working dog of the two of us. That's simply not true. I got a summer job as lifeguard. With my sandy blonde good looks, trim build and affinity for dashing into the water, I was a natural for the job.

"Okay, Clive, my shift's over. What say we grab that surfboard and hit the waves?"

(Now these next photos are titled "Our dog Clive hates the water! He won't even go near it!" I think the evidence to the contrary speaks for itself. Apparently, Clive doesn't like cold Irish water, but warm Southern Atlantic waters are a whole other story...)

"Umm, Clive, I think if you just gingerly step into the water and slowly ease into waves....umm Clive? CLIVE???"



"Petey, old boy, this ocean stuff is just the BEST! Totally AWESOME!!!!"

See? NSLM agrees that these waves are just irresistible!

Now Clive's family thought he looked awful all wet and soggy like this. But I think he looks AWESOME! Nothing better than a salty dog!

Let's look at an instant replay. Yep. That's one happy soggy doggie!

"Hey NSLM, can we go surfing tomorrow???"

"Hey, wait just a minute Clive, I see something even more fun than romping in the surf..."

"go ahead, I'll catch up with you in a few minutes..."

"But first, I've found a new little friend who already knows how to play my favorite game!"

"...he even knows how to dance in the sand!"

Well, we sure had a great time with Clive & Co. and we can't wait to see them in New York later this month. In the meantime, we hope they have a wonderful vacation on Hilton Head. We can't wait to hear about all their new adventures!

("Bye Sorcha! Do you miss me? Even a little???"- Petey)