Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pluff Mudbath

I'd like to introduce you to Pluff Mud. For you mud-loving pups, it's hard to find mud better than Pluff Mud. It's the dark soft soil in the marshes of the Lowcountry of South Carolina that's usually exposed at low tide. It's has a distinct odor that is the result of a combination of bacteria, water and climate.

It's pretty delicious soft and stinky stuff. I even found this song about it.

Pluff Mud Song

I sucks off yo topsiders
Cuts off yo toes
Why you still loves me
Nobody knows

I gets in the cuts on yo feets an' yo hands
An' gives you vibrio vulnificans
I raise half the fush and the swimps in the sea
That's why you can't get along without me

Pluuuuuf Muddddd!

Now, I've never really explored mud before, not like my muddy bestest pal, Eric Square Dog who is a real collector of fine muds. However, today when I went to visit my pal Buddy and saw it was mean low tide, I became entranced with this pudding-like soil...

(Note: The following photos are simulated by Mom since she was shrieking at me like a banshee and was dressed to go out to lunch and didn't want to leave me to grab her camera.)

Buddy has an electric fence so he stays in his yard. Since he's a big black lab mix boy, I've learned that I can escape his vigorous antics by crossing over his invisible fence. Today, I headed over to the neighbors, and decided to explore underneath their dock. Mom was hollering at me like crazy, but I was singing a little song to myself...

"lalalalala, I can't hear you,lalalala, my name's not Petey today, lalalalala, I've already got the best tennis ball so what are you offering me?lalalalala!"

Soon I was crunching over fiddler crabs and oyster shells into fluffy, smelly, dark brown PLUFF MUD!!!
Here is a simulation of what I looked like (minus the tennis ball) when I finally came back to Buddy's backyard. It was as if I was wearing dark brown muddy hip waders! Delightful!!! 

Mommy begged to differ. 

So I got hosed down until my legs were almost back to their normal color. Then we headed home (Mom was very happy she invested in that doggy sling for the back seat) and Mom saw that I still had lots of pluff mud on my chest and chin. You can see it if you biggify this photo.

So I was exiled to the screened porch while Mom had lunch with Buddy's Mom. When she got back we headed to the beach so I could dunk in the ocean and Mommy could give me a really good hosing down! 

Ahhhhh PLUFF MUD!!! Shall we sing that song together?

Mica Update: That tough old tiger is just fine! No more nosebleeds, great appetite and back to his usual tricks. We'll be happy to see him for ourselves when we get back to NYC next week!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I khan't wait to see how pawesome your khoat is going to look after such a wonderful treatment!

PeeEssWoo: How's your brofur doing?

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I'm sorry you got in trouble. Did the ocean wash away the rest of the pluff mud?
Sally Ann

Asta said...

How delightful
You will have the smoofest fuw and skin fwom that lucious PLUFF
I love the song and will sing it wif you
smoochie kisses

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Oh geez... I would sooo love that mud.
your pal, Morgan

Martha said...

Oh Petey, a mud bath - it is just what we dogs love!
You will be envigorated after that - it should keep you healthy right through the nasty winter.
All that bacteria too - pawesome!!!
Humans never understand about mud - muddy paws are the best - it lets the humans track you after all!
love you lots
Aunties Martha & Bailey xxxx
ps next time you go off for a great beach holiday don't forget us!

Dexter said...

I am singing along with you. Great fun! Perhaps if mom had tried it herself she would have been more understanding.


Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

We're sure that mud is very good for your complexion, Petey!

We were hoping for news of Mica. How is he doing?

Woofs and Purrs,
Tommy and "The Chans"

Maxmom said...

Nothing like an application of a mud pack to make the Mommas scream!! You must have looked a sight. Go Petey!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Petey, thre is nothing quite like the feel of mud between your toes, and on your tummy, and on your snooter - oh heck, all over you. I LOVE the mud. But I do hate baths.

Woos, Thunder

Gus said...

Puffff Mudddd looks like fun, and how is Mica?


Faya said...

We are back! VĂ©ronique is sorry to have neglected you. But we are back! We are going to come to read to you more often....
Kisses, Faya

Lizzy said...


I think that mud looks PAWESOME! I would love to play in it with you!

I hope you have a grrrrEAT weekend, my friend!


Joe Stains said...

omdog now that looks like a grand old time. I HATE mud, but this pluff mud might be better or different than AZ mud. Sorry your Mom wasn't quite so pleased with your efforts.

Hamish Westie said...

So just what sort of a problem does your Mom have with this mud then Petey?
From a connoisseur of peat bogs......

Bobby said...

Its a good job I am not there I would have loved a good roll in that.

Agatha and Archie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that mud looks DIVINE what we could do( well you did didn't you!!) You look like you are having a fab time...but be carefull of that hawk they do go for litle kids.......Love A+A

Eric said...

What dedication Petey. Discovering a new range for our spa line while you are on vacation. Admirable devotion to duty. Wish I could have seen what a proper job you did. Pooey. Spoilsport Mommi worrying bout her outfit. How's your old chops feel after the mud bath? Refined? Silky Smooth? Lustrous Locks? I'll get going on the advert. Name...hmmm...what about calling it Mud Pluff M'c Duff? The scottish angle you'll be the face of Mudd Pluff. Now tomorrow, please get back in the Pluff, fluff it all over and demand a photoshoot.

Wiry loves and kisses, Eric xxxxx

Phew. I'm wagging Mica is doing ok, been thinking of him n you all weekend.

Duffy said...

Lots of humans pay top dollar for mud baths. Pluff mud sounds like a lot of fun and you have it right there. Lucky dog, even though your mom might not agree.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Sheesch, Petey...I can't believe I'm actually sayin' this, but we've missed seems like ur further away when in in SC than NY...well, I guess you are, but you know what I mean...we totally missed ya in Boston...OMD...the hoomans were hilarious to watch...yapyapyapyapyapyapyapyap...they made me seem very quiet...course I had been flattened and it's hard to get a big breath of air for a good shriek when your lungs feel like pancakes...

We're glad sweet Mica is feelin' gonna be back in time for your usual fabbers Halloween Pawty??? What are ya going to be this year? A tennis ball??? You could get some green felt and stick tennis balls all over it...mumsie has some stinkin' idea we're all going to be ballerinas...I think not...

As for that mud...OMD are you and Eric gonna be sellin' it??? I so need some....I noticed some new wrinkles this morning...

Love ya buckets, dear boy...are you still married???


ScrapsofMe said...

Woohoo! A mud bath! My fave. I love to stick my nose down and just roll into it. Soft black mud is the bestest. Then a wiggle or tow upside down to mush it down into the fur. Ummmmmm. So relaxing.

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