Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nutty Buddy revisited

Hey Mom! Let's go visit that crazy labradork, Buddy! I swear he and Dexter are brothers by a different mother. Do you like my fancy backseat sling? Mom says it helps prevent me from jumping into the co-pilot seat and keeps all the beach sand from getting into the upholstery. I think it makes it look like I'm riding in my own limo.

What are these crazy things on Buddy's tree? Could he be growing TENNIS BALLS!?!?!

Nah, they're little kumquats. (Mom says that they are excellent in mojitos.)

Ahhh, and here's a pretty camillia that's made it through the cold snap. I think I'll send it to my long-lost wifey Rosie. Not only has she and the Dughallmor pretty much abandoned their blog, they've become Facebook addicts and they've been having internet problems again. I miss them, don't you?

Buddy weighs about 65 pounds to my 20. But he's such a goofball, he doesn't realize it and comes thundering down on me. So I've figured out a little trick! He has to wear a special electric collar outside so he won't cross the invisible fence. And I've figured out where he can—and more importantly—can't go without getting a little shock. Like this dock. I'm just past the fence! "C'mon out here, Buddy, it'll be fun!" ZAP!

This is what Buddy's backyard usually looks like at high tide. Isn't it just beautiful?

But the channel gets full of sledge every few years so they have to dredge. The floating docks are pulled up and a little barge sucks out the sludge. I have to be careful that I don't forget the dock is gone and fall into the mud!

This is the channel at low tide. You can see why it needs to be dredged! All the boats would be stuck in the mud. And if you remember my post from this fall, that is the delicious pluff mud I was telling you about. Doesn't it just look divine?

We get a big tide down here, especially during full moons and the spring and fall equinox.

Yummy, does anyone want some fresh oysters? They're in season right now and Mom swears they are delicious - raw, steamed or roasted!

Anyhow, if you biggify this photo, you can see Buddy waiting for me at the end of the dock. It may sound like I'm being mean, but it's my only chance to get the ball.

Okay - I'll get a little bit closer.
Mom's gotta give me a little advantage because Buddy wants to play with all the balls at the same time, no matter how many we start off with. He can now get 3 balls in his mouth at once! He's got two in there in this photo.

I have to admit, for a goofball, he is awfully sweet and kinda cute. He likes to lean on Mom when she gives him a good scritching.

Oooh, here are some more flowers that made it through the cold snap.

C'mon Mom, throw me the ball before Buddy tackles me, okay?

Because once he gets all the balls, he's just not going to share at all. I just have to hope one will pop out!
Still, he's my good pal and good fun to romp around with on a nice sunny afternoon.

Mom's not entirely convinced that Buddy knows his name. Take a look at this obedience video!

We went over to let Buddy out the other day in the rain. The dredging is almost all done and just look how much water is now in the tidal creek at high tide! It's like a river. If you biggify this photo, you can see a pelican that just flew in.

Ahhh, even a little bit of playtime with Buddy is just exhausting!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Dexter at least knows his name BUT I khan see they do look to be one in the same!

I'm proud of Buddy's lakhk of name rekhognition!

He might be part Siberian ;-)

Khyra & Khousin Merdie
PeeEssWoo: I bet Lacie will want to ask him out!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Petey!
I can see the resemblance!
Sure you had a nice time there!
Kisses and hugs

Bobby said...

What a great time you had, what resemblance I don't see it myself.

Martha said...

HI Petey
For some reason our mum is now singing 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay'.
We don't know why - she is at a funny age for humans.
As ever we loved your post - kumquats and oysters!
Buddy did put us in mind of Dexter!
Whatever you have to do to get the ball is ok with us - sometimes a dog has got to do what a dog has got to do.
What a beautiful camilla for your long lost wifie.
We do miss her from the dog blogging world and we decided some time ago we dont have time for facebook too!
This is not good for you marriage Petey and we are glad that you are chilling out in the sunshine - we hate to think of you pining away in New York city.
love and kisses
Your favourite aunties xxxxx

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my buddy is a cutie pie.
Hmmm that canal looks a little ordinary without water in it hehe. Hope you didnt find yourself in any mud Petey.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Dexter said...

He is a lot like PeeWee, even his selective hearing.

I bet you had a grand time in that mud.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Buddy looks like a fun pal. We are amazed that he can get 3 tennis balls in his mouth at once. We wonder if the RH can do that!

Our Mom is drooling over those low country oysters. She loves them steamed.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Gus said...

No, I think if Buddy cannot remember his name, he must be part terrier!

He looks a lot like Travis, our freind back in Azrizona. We had some great times together!


Hamish Westie said...

Hi Petey
I think that your pal Buddy is suffering from 'selective deafness', a form of hearing loss common in Westies, but known to affect other breeds too.
As for all that lovely mud, well I guess it's the closest thing in your part of the world to a real Scottish bog! Jump in and enjoy (and d*** the consequences) is what I say!
Cheers, H.

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Buddy looks like a fun guy! Even if he doesn't know his name. He should really learn to share those tennis balls though.

I hope Rosie and the gang come back soon.
~lickies, Ludo

Asta said...

What a life
Playing wif cutie Buddy(even if he does steal youw tennis balls it must be fun) and MUD!!!
Evewyone knows that sludge and mud awe the same as faw as the wondewful effects on skina dn fuw, hehehlucky you!
I doo miss wosie and hew family..maybe those botiful flowews will entice hew back
I hope so
smoochie kisses

Clive said...

Hi Petey

You won't believe this - my best pal across the road - a golden lab is called Buddy too! Isn't that a coincidence!

We miss our pals in Scotland too! Maybe they will come back to their blog soon, we hope so!

We like the sound of those oysters! Mom was cooking swordfish here tonight and I was very tempted to try and grab a little!

take care

Bocci said...

Hi Petey! I discovered your blog from Agatha and Archie's page.And i just became a "Follower". What a great beach you get to run on-I'm jealous-we don't have those here in Ohio...
Please check out my blog at: I'd love it if you could become a "Follower", too.

Thanks and nice to meet ya!