Monday, May 10, 2010

It may be hard to sleep tonight, for all the joyous barking!

Today, across the sea, God called home two of our bravest canine heroes, Jackson and Digby. We may not be able to sleep much tonight, as the dogstar will be twinkling extra bright and ringing loudly with happy barking.

I imagine my dear friend Hamish will be the first to greet them at the gates. He'll be asking how Gail is doing without his editorial skills and will no doubt be delighted to hear of young Bertie. And though his licorice black nose may be a bit out of joint when he hears how quickly Bertie mastered the dog gate, he'll be thrilled that his excavation plans for the backyard are continuing.

Who is that beautiful wiry gal bounding towards them, wriggling from excitement rather than seizures? Why, it's Miss Snickers! She's never looked so radiant and leaps in the air to welcome Jackson home. He reports that little Katie also has the fashion gene and is looking forward to wearing all of her beautiful Snitchybug couture...

Here comes Charlotte now, wondering how Deetz is faring. Lacy Lulu is leading the gang in a round of zoomies, but come over to welcome the newcomers. Shamus is sitting near Jamie's Mom Anna's chair, lolling in the sunshine as she scratches behind his ears. Java Bean is munching on a chocolate bar - you can eat as much chocolate as you want here!—and asking to see photos of the Scottie pups.

Charlie is delighted to hear all about the DWB reunion in New York this summer and says he'll be watching over all the proceedings. Graham is enjoying a snack from the ever-filled treat bowl with My Beautiful Raja, but races over to ask about Sophie Brador and her new greyhound brother.

Even the cats are thrilled to see Jackson and Digby—albeit from the perches on the greatest climbing tree ever (there are cans of tuna on every branch!) - there's Roscoe, Maui and Moki, Sen-Chan and Ikkyu, among others. They climb down in their elegant fashion and do figure-eights around the legs of Jackson and Digby, purring loudly and asking about their still-earth bound two-leggeds.

The crowd is quite large now, merrily yapping and wriggling, their tails a blur of happy wagging. It parts to let through Wally, the one and only Corgador in Heaven. His eyes are sparkling, his coat gleams, and there's the remains of a tasty dollop of peanut butter on his lip, and FuFu the hamster perched on his broad back.

Dakota stops in her tracks—in the midst of chasing slow-running squirrels through the fluffiest of white snow that never melts or gets dirty—to come join the pack.

Together, they show Jackson and Digby the swimming pool, the jaffa cake fields, the automatic tennis ball lobing machines, the acres of beds to sleep on and the miles of fields, free of any nasty bugs, but with delightful mud puddles scattered throughout. They are delighted to see there are no leashes, silly sweaters or baths in Heaven. Already, their joints are looser, their eyes shiny, that puppy bounce is back in their steps.

Here come my 2-leggeds Grandparents, with Keddy and Robbie and Sam #1 and #2— tossing balls and taking pups for a ride in their convertible - it's fine to stick your head out the window! In fact, there are lots of friendly humans here—gathering up beloved cats and dogs and covering them with kisses—their pockets filled with the most delicious bacon treats.

The party welcoming Jackson and Digby continues for hours, then the dogs and cats and people settle down and head for their own windows, looking down on the world. They draw back the curtains and let the light of Heaven shine through as they watch those that they love on Earth, going about their daily lives. It's hard to understand why those left behind are so sad, when Jackson and Digby and all of their friends are now in such a wonderful place for eternity. As they look around, they see there are still many unopened windows—for Petey and for Mica, for Eric and Asta, for Jake and Just Harry and Martha and Bailey and Fergi and Jake, Wilf, Tammy and Butchy. There's a window waiting for each of their friends, yes, even Lacie. In time, we each will join them as well and they will be the first to greet us at the gates.

So tonight, look towards the Heavens. There are two new stars, shining brighter than all the rest. They are Jackson and Digby's windows, watching down on us. And if they could they'd tell us that while one journey has ended, an even bigger and better one has just begun.

Till we run together, dear friends....


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Whew! We can hardly type through the tears - and yes our Java is there waiting as well with his big goofy Chocolate smile and wagging tail. What a glorious place to look forward to, but we're not quite through with this life yet.

Run Free Sweet Boyz. We'll see you soon.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Well. That was a wonderful post. I had to get the box of Kleenex, but it is ok. I love the picture in my mind, and you are right.
One day we will all see the wonders. In the meantime, we will be listening and watching for all the happiness. Thanks for this great post.
Sunny,Scooter & Jamie(blowing her nose)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Mom's recently dried tears are now being replaced by lots of fresh ones -

Yes, it will be khwite the time akhross The Rainbow (room) Bridge tonight -

It is pawesomely khlear here in Pawsylvania - and we are eagerly awaiting a perfekht evening sky to look fur the two new stars dashing hither and yon - willy nilly khross the fields -

Rest up bunnies - there's some new kids in town -


Jake of Florida said...

Oh Petey,

We've been swallowing our tears all day, but you just turned everything inside out and upsiude down and we are now drowning in a puddle of bittersweet emotion.

You nailed it, sweet boy. Thank you.

Wirey love,

Jake and Just Harry -- and oh yes, that bedraggled-looking person over there with the red eyes and the drippy nose.

Clive said...


That is such a wonderfully moving post. Murray's Mom is sitting here in tears - it was so beautifully put together. She'll stand in the back garden tonight and look out for those very special two new stars!

take care
Murray's Mom

WFT Nobby said...

Uncle Petey, what beautiful, beautiful thoughts, and I am so touched that you say Hamish will be pleased with my progress! I have to tell you that even Gail (who, I'm learning, is not on the whole the sentimental type) teared up a little when reading this post. We are thinking tonight about Digby and Jackson's families.
Bestest cuddles,

Remington said...

Well put, my friend! What an excellent post! Thank you!

Deetz said...

How beautifully spoken!
Thank you

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

What a beautiful post, can you has leaky eyes and still be happy at the same time?
~lickies, Ludo

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

What a fun, beautiful, and loving tribute to Jackson and Digby! We were so very sorry to hear that both pups have crossed. There must be one fantastic party going on across the Rainbow Bridge. It was very kind of you to remember Dakota in your words. We are sure she was right there to woo a welcome home greeting to Digby and Jackson.

Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom

kissa-bull said...

oh goodness that was the most bewootiful fing we have ever read. our mommish's eyes are leaking furry much so. we told digby that our angel brofur chico was going to welcome him at the gates but my he's going to have lots of welcomes slobbery sugars in addtition to chico and that ish just too wonderful.we fank you furry much for your bewootiful post
and hope we can be furryends.we came ofur from sunny and scooters bloggy to say howdy!

pibble sniffles
the pittie pack

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for your perspective. It does ease the sadness to remember that our departed friends are together- and free from their earthly woes. What a sweet picture you painted!

Run free, dear friends.

Until we are reunited!


The Black and Tans. said...

Oh Petey that was wonderful. Thank you.

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Martha said...

Oh Petey, that was such a moving post and yes, one day we will all run together.
How cool will that be.
We already imagine our Harry meeting up with Hamish - those two will get on so well!
Of course our silly human says she is in no rush for us to make that journey cos these silly humans miss us so.
It takes a dog to understand these things.
love you lots
Martha and Bailey xxx

Duke said...

Mom didn't think she had another tear left in her but you've proved her wrong, Petey! What a wonderful post! Thank you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OK...the kleenex box is now officially empty, Mumsie having just used the last five, reading this post.

Oh my...we are barkless at its beauty.

Oh you to write what we could just see in our minds...

Kisses and buckets of love,

Scruffy, Lacie, Stan and Mumsie

Pee ess...

What the heck did ya mean by that EVEN Lacie comment?

Of course I shall go to Heaven...and probably FLIRT with St. Peter!!!!!


Two French Bulldogs said...

aaahhh what a great post..
Benny & Lily

Eric said...

Oh Petey. I knew you would do the most beutiful post for our pals, you have gone way beyond...sobbing so much can hardly type and the big pee will be a little bit deeper tonight with Mom's tears. But right now I'm going to look out and wish upon the new dog stars. Then before I fall asleep I shall say a little prayer in thankfulness for being part of this amazing community and my for my special bestest pal and his lovely Mom.

Wiry love and kisses Eric and Twinnie.

Dexter said...

Petey! We are crying so much. Your images made us all happy sad. So happy to think of all our pals playing together. So sad that they are doing it without us. Thank you so much for those wonderful words.


doyle and mollie said...

oh what a beautiful post mommas eyes were leaking so much she will have to read it to me again but we so wanted to tell you we love you and thank you for your wonderful words!!

Lorenza said...

I loved your post.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Agatha and Archie said...

Well said dear boy...Love A+A

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Well written - Sally Ann

Toby said...

What a beautiful post!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Well. You've moved Moma from weepy tears to full blown sobs. And then, with tears still rolling down her cheeks, to a quietness that let us all consider right now and back then and someday. You've put words to images we've silently considered. And now we know. All will be well.

Right now ... we are heading out onto the deck (which is finally allowed territory again) to search to those two new bright stars. We know they are there.

With so much love
Jake and Fergi (and a weepy moma)

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello petey its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is a grate storry and tribyoot but i just wish it didnt hav to hav so menny karakters in it!!! ok bye

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

So beautifully said, and such a lovely remembrance of so many friends!

The Life of Riley said...

What a lovely post - my mum will be looking out for the two new stars tonight, as she looks up to see the star of her first dog, and thinking of them all together.

Lenny said...

This is just beautiful. THank you.
Your friend, Lenny

Ina in Alaska said...

Oh my, that was so beautiful....

Asta said...


Heaven will be bwight and wondewful wif the joy of all ouw fwiends..I am gwateful thewe is no pain and no bafs and all the tweats and toys and meadows and no bugs . I just wish we didn't have to huwt so much being left behind.
Thank you fow those bootiful wowd pictoowes . they will stay in ouw minds and heawts
smoochie kisses

Donna said...

Wuv to u and all ur friends.

Gus said...

Ah have such a way with word pictures. Thank you for sharing that, even though we know muzzer is weeping again, it makes us happy to hear about our pals.

Thank you, thank you...gussie n teka

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Well that's some welcoming party!! What a lovely post, though tinged with much sadness...very poetic and touching....and a wonderful mental image of what's in store for us all. Run free now Jackson and Digby!!

Much love my hubby,
Your Rosie-Posie xx

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Thank you Petey :)

J1 and J2 xxx

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Beautiful post Petey, thank-you