Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sea dog

Petey took a break from looking at photos of his latest photo shoot (check out Petey in the black and white and the color sections, eating ice cream!) to join me for a walk along the Hudson River to see OpSail -- a parade of tall ships from across the globe plus naval ships in town for Fleet Week. 

Stopped for some breakfast-to-go and met this little Foxy pup. I swear Petey thinks every Foxy he sees is Asta and is always a little disappointed when he realizes it's not her.  But this puppy was very sweet!

 We went out the end of pier in the Hudson River Park where we could see the ships passing by the Statue of Liberty, most under full sail. Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone with me to take photos.

I always love imagining what New York must have been like in the days of sailing ships.

And I loved the juxtaposition of these classic sailing ships against the modern skyline of Jersey City.

Can you see the Statue of Liberty through the haze, welcoming international visitors to New York?

Those are sailors standing along the spars of the masts as they came up the river.

 Throughout the morning, fighter planes were soaring overhead, including the Blue Angels. I didn't get a photo of them but they flew over twice, quite low. Gave me goosebumps. Petey just ignored them!

The sky was quite mysterious. Loved this shot through the Richard Meier buildings.

There was a break in the parade between the Tall Ships and the Naval ships, so Petey insisted we go on down to the dog run in the park. Unfortunately, it was being cleaned so we couldn't go in.

We did spy these pretty roses growing among some blue spruce trees.

We watched the ships pass by from the end of the pier, out by that white pavillion.

I love this quote: "I can sail without wind, I can row without oars, but I cannot part from my friend without tears."

The Coast Guard training ship, the USS Eagle, was far off when I took this so I had to blow up the photo a lot. But I love how it looks like a painting.

I thought it must have been very powerful for the sailors on Navy ships to pass by the Statue of Liberty and the new World Trade Center building.  The sailors were lined up at attention along the decks.

I was in Times Square tonight to see a show (an incredible performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in "Death of a Salesman") and there were plenty of sailors enjoying their shore leave. I kept expecting them to break out into song.

"New York, New York! It's a helluva town!"


Gus said...

Dear Petey and Mom...we loved the black and whites of Petey..pawticularly the one with the ice cream cone. OK, you are in New Yawk and it must have been gelato, but you get the idea.

Your iphone photos of tall ships are wonderful..what a special day you chose to share with us.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

It's so nice to see you!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ivy

WFT Nobby said...

It must have been wonderful to see the tall ships. We have had the Aberdeen harbour chock full of tall ships on a couple of occasions, always a magnificent sight.
That said, I think you'll guess which I think is the best photo on today's post. (Hint: it reminded Gail that I am overdue for some stripping).
Toodle pip!

Clive said...

Brillant stuff! Murray really enjoyed all those photos of the tall ships in NY. The contrast between the buildings and the ships was amazing!

Murray loved seeing the Statue of Liberty in the middle of it all as well!

Looking good Petey - did you get a summer haircut too?

take care
Clive & Murray

Martingale Dog Collars said...

Love the pictures too cute! said...

Sup Webmaster, I appreciate your blog entries on this website. Please keep sharing and I will return regularly! Have fun!

World of Animals, Inc said...

Petey, what a wonderful day you had. You and your mom did so much traveling. Those ships were pretty pawsome to see. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Have a great one.
World of Animals