Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer so far...

We've been back in New York since Sunday and it's even hotter here than it is in South Carolina! Bummer! I'm not too thrilled about the scaffolding directly outside our windows (or the workmen walking by just a few feet away at 8:30 in the morning!). Plus there's renovation work going on in the apartment next door AND a two-year construction project putting in a new water main in the neighborhood. Ah, how Petey and I long for the quiet sea breezes and croaking frogs and cicadas...
Let's look back at the month of June, from Petey's point of view...

Lots of time outdoors on the deck, scaring away the squirrels who like to hit up the bird feeder and the feral cat who drops by.

 Lots of bike rides down to Harbourtown -- Petey's decided he deserves a small scoop of vanilla ice cream as his reward for riding down in the bike basket -- plus he's also found out which shops offer dog biscuits. This dog will never starve, wherever he goes!

The big whirlpool tub in the bathroom brought out a voyeuristic side of Petey not seen since his puppy days. Don't think he's quite ready for a swim across the tub!

Just a cheeky little smile!

One of Petey's new stops was The Courtyard shop in the Village Exchange. It's an awesome combination knitting store and used book exchange. I have a fabulous group of ladies that meet up on Thursday nights for some socializing and "needling." Great fun. 

Here's the sweater I made...

For this little guy. I figure it will fit him in about three years!

 Petey came along and discovered the mezzanine level around the second floor of the store. He'd wait at the top of the stairs and nudge his rubber ball with his nose so it would bounce down the steps!

I'd catch the ball and toss it back up to him. Repeat, repeat, repeat. He loved it! We ended up hanging out at the store for several hours that afternoon and he'd play with every single customer who came in -- especially bored husbands waiting for their wives to check out all the knitting stuff!

Of course, we spent a lot of time at the beach. Though we were restricted to before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm, Petey still found plenty of kids to toss the ball for him.

One of my favorite moments was when he made a beeline one morning for a little boy playing in the sand. I realized immediately that the boy had special needs and his father did indeed tell me that his son Will had had 10 surgeries in his 4 1/2 years, including open heart surgery and the insertion of a feeding tube. He was a bit cautious of Petey but the Dad kept tossing the ball for him and Petey kept bringing the ball back and dropping it in front of Will. Finally Will stood up and threw the ball and Petey caught it mid-air. Will burst out into a big giggly smile. I glanced over at the Dad and saw he was choked up, eyes brimming with tears. It was almost ten so we said goodbye and headed up to hose off Petey. I ran into the family again by the showers and the Dad thanked me for letting them play with Petey. Oh, no problem - thanks for playing with him, I replied. "No," said the Dad, "It really made our day."

The power of Petey.


The first few days we were on the Island, we had thunderstorms almost every day and Petey was not at all happy. He didn't seem to mind them in his earlier years, but in the past couple, he doesn't like them at all, panting heavily, hiding in the bathroom or under the bed.  It's gotten worst - he used to be fine just sitting with me during a storm but now he gets so upset he exhausts himself.

So I bought him a Thundershirt. And it stopped raining for four weeks!  However this past Saturday, we had fireworks about 100 yards away at the country club and after the first "BOOM!" Petey had his tail between his hind legs and was trembling. I grabbed the Thundershirt and wrapped it tightly around him and pulled him into my lap. The panting stopped. He quieted down and...fell asleep with his head on my knee! It works!

One last romp on the beach before we head back to New York...

Chilling out in the Charlotte Airport between flights. Petey's a good traveller but I figured it couldn't hurt if he was extra calm with his Thundershirt on. And it also prevented any airport employees from insisting he go back into his travel bag between flights.

Now on to our next adventures....


Unknown said...

what a great day you have! I'm sure that you have a great day :D

Puppy Bond | Paw Planet

Gus said...

Thanks for the info about the thundershirt..Gus is getting more aware and apprehensive as he gets older, and we have been thinking about trying one. Have a wonderful time in New York - oh and love the sweater.


Maxmom said...

Hi there Jane,
How lovely it is to be able to catch up with you and Petey. I love the fact that he continues to chase balls. He is simply amazing - doesn't seem to be growing older at all. Love his voyeuristic streak.
What a beautiful account of the impact he had on the special needs boy at the beach. You must have been equally choked up.
Loved that sweater you knitted too.
It seems like you've had a very full month. Glad the thundershirt worked for him. He looks so contented. :)
Take care, keep well and lots of love to you and Petey.

Molly the Airedale said...

You're the best for playing with that little boy, Petey!
We're glad that your thundershirt worked for you!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

The Golden Girls said...

omg this HAS to be the cutest dog i have EVER seen! soooo adorable! awww :D Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

WFT Nobby said...

Great to catch up with Petey's news. He brings joy wherever he goes, whether it be to husbands bored of knitting stuff, or young lads in need of a special pal. Petey, you are such a star!
Cheers, Gail (who is somehow pleased to see that the old tradition of giving clothing gifts that children can 'grow into' lives on!)

Camille said...

Hurray Petey! We loved catching up on your excellent June adventures. The Pip always wears her thundershirt when storms or fireworks really does work! Arrrooo!

Buzzy, Pippa and the Mum

Martha said...

Oh Petey, we loved seeing your holiday pics, apart from the nasty thunder storms you had a great time. These thundershirts are a great idea and we are glad they helped.
The beach in Hilton Head looks vast and so much room to chase balls.
We are glad you are still making friends whereever you go.
The little knitted jumper was very impressive that Jane made.
She is very clever. Our human used to knit a lot but not much now - in Cove where our renovation house is - they have a knitting group. It is called 'Stitch & Bitch' the human kinda liked the sound of that!
She says in her old age she might go back to knitting.
We have missed you Petey although not around much ourselves. Sorry about the work going on - we can't be doing with disturbance either!
Maybe we dogs need to book a flight somewhere and chillax, as our Prime Minister likes to say!
Much love
The Aunties xx

World of Animals, Inc said...

Petey, it looks like your summer is turning out to be so much fun. The water looks wonderful to go into during those really hot days. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Have a great weekend.
World of Animals

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