Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Springtime Stroll

It's finally starting to look like Spring (even if we did have a snow squall yesterday morning on our walk!) so I thought I'd take you all along for a little walk in my neighborhood. Sn

Look at this cute Easter display at the pharmacy right outside my front door! I like to go in here and sniff around, but they never have any treats so I don't linger (unlike the Mailboxes Etc. and the Bank on either side of the pharmacy which ALWAYS have cookies for me!)

Speaking of cookies, let's start off at one of my favorite places...the Coach Store on Bleecker Street! Hey, is this little golden dog edging in on my territory? (I always like to check out the latest in canine fashion.) Hmmm, if I lost the pink trim, I could wear this on Rosie's blog for Black and White day!

Ah, here's the lady I was looking for! The Coach girls are so nice, I always drag Mommy across the street to go visit them and get a cookie or two...or three. It all depends on how many Coach girls I can charm!

Look at me! I've even doing one of my best treats for a cookie from this cute cookie!

Then we walked past Tommy Hilfiger and I gasped! "Mon Dieu!" Is this one of those snooty French poodles that Eric's  Square-Mom and Square-Dad met on the Portobello Road??? Just look at this pink fop staring down his nose at me!

Take a look and let me know what you think! I love real poodles, but these faux ones are scary.

Yummy! The Ralph Lauren ladies store (there's also a Ralph Lauren men's store, a kids' store and a blue jeans store - all on Bleecker Street. Enough already, Ralph!)

C'mon Mom, I mean it! Snap, snap. There are cookies waiting for me inside. 

(Sidenote: When the first Ralph Lauren store opened on Bleecker Street, we stopped by to check it out. OF COURSE, the sales people asked if they could give "that adorable puppy" - me - a cookie. Mommy said "sure" and started browsing through the racks. When she looked down, I was eating another cookie. Okay, she figured, someone else had given me a cookie. Then she saw me walk boldly behind the counter and help myself! She later figured I'd had about 5 cookies! That night, I farted like Tanner on burrito night. And as Mom points out, it did NOT smell like Polo cologne!)

"How do you do, nice Ralph Lauren lady? My name is Petey, pleased to meet you. What? Why yes! I'd love a cookie! Thank you very much!"

Wowza! That's a whole lotta flowers! This entire store window was packed with a variety of (fake) flowers. Sure they're fake, but they sure are pretty.

It was at one of the FIVE Marc Jacobs stores in the neighborhood. Mommy calls this the Marc Jacobs Dollar Store because they have lots of cheap items, like key chains and canvas tote bags.
It used to be the fancy Marc Jacobs handbag store and I'd always stop to visit my pal Otis, the black miniature poodle. He'd grab me by the leash and show me the latest merchandise in the store, then we'd both try to sneak downstairs where I was convinced there was a mountain of Snausages.

For years, Marc Jacobs would have characters in their shop window during the Christmas holidays and around Easter and invite everyone in the neighborhood to come in and have their photo taken. They'd give you a copy and put the other in the window. By the end of the holiday, the windows would be covered inside and out with literally hundreds of photos. 

Here's mine from last year...

And the year before...what can I say? I'm a chick magnet!

(hehehe, those look like "before" and "after" haircut photos!) Sadly, the fun photos have been a victim of the recession. Hope the economy picks up by December so I can get my photo with Santa again.

So on we go down Bleecker Street. This is the window at Mulberry. I love all the ribbons! Looks like the trophy room at Mangominster!

Mmmm, what's that's delicious scent you're wearing? Chewnel #5? Oscar Mayer de la Renta? Pawda?'s Brooklyn! Now, no offense to the outer boroughs, but does any one really want to smell like Brooklyn? Maybe it smells like Junior's Brooklyn Cheesecake...that would be delicious. This is the storefront for Bond No. 9, one of the few artisinal perfumeries in the United States. All of their scents are named after places in New York. There's even one named Bleecker Street. (No, they didn't use my contribution in their mix!)

Speaking of cake, let's see what's cooking at Magnolia Bakery! Don't these cakes look scrumptious? This place was briefly shown on an episode of Sex & The City and ever since then, there have been hoards of people (tourists, mostly) lined up around the block for cupcakes. They even have a bouncer to monitor how many people come into the store at a time.

Now this is pretty and colorful...can you tell what these are?

They're stacks of cheap and cheerful backpacks at yet another Marc Jacobs store. I always like to visit here because the sales people never seem to tire of dropping everything to get me a cookie. Unfortunately, they were all out of cookies this day. 

Now before I head home, I want to pick out some posies for my Rosie... These are pretty, but they don't seem quite right...
Mommy loves these soft-as-kittens Pussy Willows. We're going to get a big bunch to welcome Sei-Chan the kitten, she's the latest addition to my French friends at The Pouponette!
Ahhh, tulips... and how I would like to press my two lips against Rosie's... but no, they're not right either!
Now this is more like it! Sweet and beautiful, just like my Rosie-Posie girl!!!

Hope you enjoyed your tour! Did you pick up some nice things? Maybe a new collar at Coach, a doggie polo shirt at Ralph Lauren, a vanilla cupcake at Magnolia and a squirt of Eau de Dog Run at Bond No. 9?

See you soon! Don't forget to send your tennis balls and hard rubber toys to 4 Paws For Ability!


Kelly said...

Oh my DOG, Petey! My momma is FREAKING OUT about the incredible shopping right there in your neighborhood! She is in the fetile position, clenching her VISA! Make her stoppp!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

wow--looks like you have that entire street trained pretty well. i think they are wrapped around that cute little paw of yours! we want to know, what the heck is up with that suspended poodle on wheels????

LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Dear Petey, Now this is a truly outstanding blog altho nothing can surpast the amazing theatrikil werks which you have prodoost!

Also, we are imprest that you can count the cookies past 2 becuz we always get confuzed after that but frankly it does seem that you got about 683492 cookies which we are pretty sure is more than even negative sixteen! And also the pikture with the big yellow bird may be the most truly egsellent pikture ever!

OK and also, we have been werking very hard on our bloggy roll to show how much we admire all these new and truly outstanding dloggies we have discovered and also of course your amazing talents are there with a truly outstanding pikture!

See you soon, love, your fans, LuLu and LoLLy!

Deetz said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walkie. Those were great photos and very pretty colors....PS: I would be scared of the fake poodles too

Asta said...

Hi Petey
I'm a little sick of all those Mawk Jacobses and Polos on ouw stweet, but The coolies do tend to mitigate it, hehehe
I love all the flowews finally popping up.
Gweat toow!
I love the little phawmacy next doow to tyou, they aways have gweat decowations.
see you sunday
pee esss I looove all the two lipses and pussy willows

Rosie said...

That was a great tour!! NYC has the best flowers too! You are so lucky to be so close to all the great shops. Happy Easter and/or Passover!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Lucia said...

Ciao bello Petey!

Mmmmm-agnolia Bakery.... la mia ragazza ordered yummy cupcakes from there several times for press conferences she held in your meravigliosa citta, and those piccole torte were always so tasty that very often she'd pack up the leftovers and take them home with her! (On the plane!)

What a great walkie, Petey! It sure looks like spring is springing beautifully in your neighborhood!

Tanti baci!

TwoSpecialWires said...

What a pleasant stroll. Just the kind of things that would make us happy... Mom AND us cookie eating maniacs. Plus so many pretty pretty colors. Happy spring!

Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Thank you for that wonderful tour of your neighbourhood, Petey! It seems you are quite the pup about town!

Your Friends,
Tommy and The Girls

Nibbles Treats said...

Petey - thank you so much for taking us on a tour where you live. Our mom is sitting on the couch stuttering. We think she is very jealous of your mom. Great job with the cookies too. You are a boy after our own heart!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Jake of Florida said...

Our Mom is all excited 'cause she and Dogdad will be walkung along that street in about four weeks!!! Guess where we'll be.

We've already arranged for the Heron-cam though.

(As we said on the cbox, we think Gabbi will be looking just fine on wedding day -- courtesy House of Asta).


Jake and Just Harry

Penny said...

Wow what a wonderful place to live your sooooooooooooooo lucky,I live out in the country side so that can get boring sometimes! My Mommy was reallllllllllllly interested in those shops I think I could persuade her to take a trip over there,and I could hop on the plane aswel maybe the only problem is that stupid reccision that my owner keeps on talking about. Hows the economy doing over there,beter than this I hope? Anyway that truely is a lovely place!!! Lots of Sloppy licks,Penny.=]

Martha said...

Hi Petey
Thanks for taking us a stroll down your street!
It was nice for us to see and so different from where we live. We never go to the shops - well sometimes we wait outside in the car at the supermarket but you have lots of shops!
Of course we know you could charm the birds out of the trees!
All those cookies Petey, you had better watch out, you dont want to be losing your boyish figure!
Our favourite picture was of you with the chick - yes you are a chick magnet!
We were surprised you found a french poodle very like the one Eric had found in Notting Hill. Our mum would have preferred if he had found Hugh Grant but the french poodle had to do............
That Rosie is one lucky girl - only roses for Rosie!!!
lots of love
Aunties Martha & Bailey xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Petey! Thanks for the great tour! Let's see, I bought some cupcakes for me, a golf shirt for my dad, a new collar for Zeke, and flowers for my mom. I hope the holiday character pictures come back - my mom has pictures of our old dogs with Santa from way back and she loves them. I've never met him, though.

See ya!

Clive said...

Hi Petey

We're coming over!! Seriously, if I had only got to the little man mum's before she booked the flights last month - it would have been New York and not Boston!

Little man and me would have loved to have spent our summer hols in New York. We were fundraising with a great Guide Dog yesterday who is heading over to Chicago for a month this summer.

We love all those gorgerous shops and as for all those cookies!!

We really enjoyed that post - thanks Petey!

lots of woofs

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Please bear with us.....our secretary is shaking....and she's gone a funny shade of BOL at Pearl, hehe!
Wow at all the great shops you have Petey....and of course all the ladies love you, hands off girls! :D
Ahhh but you are so romantic.....the roses are pawfect, thank you my Sweetie, you're the bestest most thoughtfullest, kindest boyfriend a Hound could wish for....*sigh*
Can't wait until we next meet.
Lots of love and smooches,
Your Rosie-Posie xxxx

Eric said...

Petey. Was very good to take a wig wag down your way. Shame bout the 15 odd doggies before us cos everybloggie was clean out of cookies.

But we did some shopping. Just to help the 'conomy.Lots of the cheap Marc stuffies for Mom loves, a Coach coat for my sweetie pupcake,a pupcake for everdoggie in the Q at the Magnolia Barkery (in Notting Hill there's a Humming Bird Bakery that has Q's almost as long)Ooo la la. I growled at that fake pink poodle. Did she yap to you Petey? She needed to be on a lead. Oh and we got a bunch of Pee On Knees for your Mommie.

Wiry wags, Eric xxx

Jake of Florida said...

Of course, of course!!!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

So, did woo see any pink khottontails?

PeeEssWoo: Mom says many many years ago, she had a bank that was like that pink poodle!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Petey!
Thanks for the tour! You have very good neighbors who give you lots of treats!
Kisses and hugs

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

This was a fabulous post.We got to walk down memory lane with you with Pepe Le Pew and Yes, what a chick magnet you were even 2 years ago!! You get to chow down all along your street. That is SO cool!!
Your flowers are now in bloom!
Neighborhoods with actual stores and not just houses are something our Momma missed when she moved out west. All they have in Phoenix are shopping malls and strip malls.They are trying to revitalize the downtown, but it's just not like the Eastcoast.

Gus said... muzzer is having a retail breakdown here. She says thank you for the tour, now she knows where to go WHEN she gets to visit New Yawk. Hey, wait, muzzer, me too!

ps my word is yorky!

AB clan said...

Petey you are a perfect shopper; sure Uncle'U would like to visit your neighborhood with you...
ViVi & AB

Molly the Airedale said...

Thank you for the tour of your neighborhood, Petey! You have so many interesting things to see! Mom just loves all of the flowers!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

the magic sleigh said...

Wow Petey, the place you live looks pretty darn cool! They feed the dogs cookies. I want to go there!
-kira The BeaWootiful and Scampi too!

Sophie Brador said...

Petey! What a great tour of the neighbourhood. Maybe we can do that together in May and you can sneak me some cookies. Mom is going to be so watching me like a hawk with those cookies because of my IBS, but boy oh boy do I ever want those cookies.


Penny said...

Hi Petey, Yes I do infact know Hamish he's the one that inspired me to make my own blog page and he was the very first doggie to blog me! A very good friend indeed. Lots of sloppy licks,Penny.=]

Dexter said...

Petey! Way to go on your most unique fart. You sure shop in some upscale places.


Tee said...

Wooo, the Chief and I could thrive on a street like Bleeckers! She with the shooping and me with the cookies ...

You're one lucky dog with all those humans wrapped round your furry paws ... all those yummy cookies!!

Licks and Wags

TUffy of Dog Woods

Joe Stains said...

omdog Petey, how exciting! I can't believe all those nice fashionable ladies just throw cookies at you. I need to move to NYC. We never get cookies on our walkies. Then again, Mom is quite sure that I would end up with burrito like gas since in my old age I am getting a bit more um flatulent. Thanks for sharing your walky!

Lacy said...

w00f's, what a nice tour of ur neighborhood..only place me gits a cookie iz at the water company..mama wuz ooooing and ahhhin at all those flowers..

b safe,

Mason Dixie said...

Thanks for the tour, mom says she would be broke if she had to walk by all those fabulous stores. =)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Petey - what a great tour of your neighbourhood! Thanks so much for sharing that - we loved going along with you. And my - don't you live in a swanky place with all those posh designer shops! But my human is so shocked that you are allowed in the shops - you are so lucky!! Shops would never allow dogs in here, especially big dogs like me (OK, well, maybe I do drool a bit much....)

I love all the flowers, especially the one of the roses with 2 different colours. And those pictures of you posing with all those funny window displays were hilarious!

Can't wait for you to take us on another tour!

Honey the Great Dane